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teenage favours?

Iv got 1 14 year old boy and 1 15 year old girl attending our wedding. the adults favours are lavender sugar for the females and spice mix for the men. The children have an activity box with bits that will keep them entertained and the young children have princess books but i have no idea about the teenagers! Can you help?


  • What about chocolate? Montezumas do some cool chocolates in fun flavours e.g. a bar of Space Hopper chocolate £2.50 (milk choc with orange) for the boy and Summer Pudding (choc with raspberries) for the girl? Oo a pack of playing cards would be cool as well.

  • MrsMcG2beMrsMcG2be Posts: 402

    Yeah I would also go with chocolate, its a safe bet. The only thing is the 15 year old girl, obviously you will know her so this might not be the case, but my 15 year old cousin likes to think she is as grown up and mature as the rest of us so I think she would rather have the same favour as the other women, even if she wouldn't like/use it just so that she fits in. 

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