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Food choice - help!

Hi all - I hope you can help, I really can't decide!

We have just been to meet with our caterers and we have a dilemma over which option to choose for our wedding breakfast. We are aiming to keep the meal quite light, as it will hopefully be a hot summers day, and we will also be having a hog roast 4-5 hours afterwards.

The caterers have suggested a carvery of roast beef and turkey, served with hot new potatoes, a selection of salads and crusty breads


a selection of cold cuts of roast meats and salmon, with the same accompaniments.

The other thing to take into account is that both options are served buffet style, but the carvery would take twice as long - some guests might be waiting for 40 minutes before they are served.

Another option would be to do a hot carvery, sunday roast style, with veggies instead of the salad, but would this be a bit heavy on a (hopefully warm) June afternoon?

Which would you guys prefer if you were a guest at a wedding? Any advice appreciated!




  • Hi mistywillow, personally I always prefer hot food at weddings, even in the height of summer. Could the caterers serve some snacks/canapes whilst they're waiting for the carvery? image xxx 

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    id go hot i think too, peopple can always just take a smaller portion. is there a fish option if its hot? fish is lighter and more summery than meat too, people might prefer that

  • Thanks - we will be having canapes before the meal, and the caterer has previously suggested breadsticks on the tables, so people can have a nibble while they wait. 40 minutes just seems a long time!


  • Do you think I should go with carvery and salads, or full on hot carvery with roast potatoes and veg?

  • For summer I'd rather have carvery and salads. If it ends up being a boiling hot day (and the weather has been mad this year so you never know) then a hot carvery might be a bit much.

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