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Linen hire - your opinions please!

Hi there

Was wondering if I could possibly get your thoughts/opinions?

There's an opportunity that has arisen for me to import the American style wedding table linens. You know, the ruffly, feathery, sparkly styles that get splashed around the lux event magazines and more famously, on Pinterest!

My question is, would a British market be interested in a more lavish option for table linens than is currently available? I would offer them for both hire and purchase.

Your thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated - thank you image


  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Have you got any pics? I'm not sure of the kind of styles you mean? image

  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    aIs supplier near me does them makes a fortune . Check out so

  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    That's fantastic cherubs thanks ill look into there services. 

    Anyone have any opiniononion whether you would hire them or not? Perfectly flamboyant for your tastes or are they a little loud? MO if I had access to these when I got married back in 2010 I would have hired the feathered ones. I think they're fab haha xx

  • yes definitely!

    I would rent one like this off you right now:


  • misslocketmisslocket Posts: 686

    I love love love the sparkly ones on Pinterest- usually tagged as 'glitter linens'- but i've struggled to find them in the UK. Assuming they weren't prohibitively expensive, i'd definitely hire them (i'm still on the lookout!) I think Pinterest has definitely raised interest in this sort of thing- I know there was a post on here not long ago looking out for American-style embellished chair covers and I see a lot of the linens featured in inspiration pics. Best of luck xx

  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    thank you ladies - yes my supplier does infact manufacture sequined table overlays and runners too.

    Please keep all opinions (yea & neigh) coming - it's extremely helpful thanks!

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Yes, I like them, very pretty, if you were to hire them then look at the events industry too as well as weddings, it's something I'd consider for a ball I'm working on image

  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    Hi heliganeden

    If you'd like, we could swap emails (PM me) and I could source suitable linens for you? I'm already in good contact with my manufacturer. They need a 1 month lead time but i'm assuming that'd be ok.


  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    Can I ask what price you would be hiring these out at, price was the main factor when I was looking, and actually found I could buy brand new for a fraction of the price of hiring, and I could either go on to sell them, or even hire them out to others afterwards.

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    i love them, extravogent! but i would say you might need to think about your positioning n the uk and how far you could ship them to people for hire because i would have thought they'd be quite neiche because theyre so different.


    price is also an issue  because its one thing for people to say theyd have them but at what cost? table linen i found already to be expensive and i imagine these will be even more

  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    Hi ladies

    Snowy - I agree that some places extort you. There's no one else that's doing these linens in the uk (bar red floral as per pp but its only a small selection as they are primarily florists) so you just can't buy them. I feel like I could charge a reasonable hire price that wouldn't break the bank!

    nats2013 - thank you yes that is something important to consider. 


    Thanks again! xx

  • Hi Bann79 - just wondering if you did start stocking the sequin tablecloths?  If so, I'd be really interested in hiring them from you!



  • I'm also really interested in the sequin table cloths if you managed to source any? Thanks

  • I'm im also looking for a sequin tablecloth in gold or champange. Did you manage to source any?





  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    Ahh! Only just gotten notification of new replies - super sorry everyone :/

    Yes! I have both runners and tablecloths for hire. The website is still not ready but we have started trading under Gilded Linens. I've sold two of the huge rosette tablecloths to ladies on the Hitched forum and got great feedback!

    Currently I can only hire out the sequin style runners and tablecloths - more to follow. Please find a picture of the runner below (tablecloth fabric is the same):


     Please email me for prices image

    Thanks lovelies!



  • I would have definatly hired soemthing like this out.

  • I'm in the middle of setting up wedding hire and I have sequin overlay cloths in south yorkshire. 


    Email [email protected]

  • hi I have pm'd you about price for runners and table cloth in  the sequin sparkly fabric x

  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    Hi Lianne

    Many thanks i'll respond to your message right now image

  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14


    Ahh come on you could have started your own thread on this rather than hijack this one? It's not very sportsman like.

    There's more than enough room for several people to offer these services but please be kind and do so in your own thread.

    Many thanks xx

  • @Bann79

    Hello I've just come across this post and have been searching for some sequin table cloths for my wedding next year. Could you send me the link to your website or email address so I can contact you please. 


    Many thanks xx

  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    Hello lovely! Got your message - thanks for the interest image xx

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    I love the purple one, thinking about my budget and unconfirmed numbers I was wondering if you do a table cloth to cover the top table (will be having a traditional top table). My budget may increase nearer the date but I can't confirm that or the number of round tables until nearer my wedding at the start of May, how much notice do you need?

  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    Hi herstory - thanks for getting in touch image Please could you email me - [email protected]. I'll walk you through what we have lovely image We need at minimum 1 months notice xx

  • I'm super keen to find a champagne or blush gold sequin tablecloth for the dessert table or the top table. If any of you would be able to help I'd be very grateful!


  • Bann79Bann79 Posts: 14

    Hi Sophia


    we do have champagne sequin linens in stock. I've just replied to your email. Thanks image 

    Bee xx

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    I really like the idea of renting/buying linen that is a bit different than the standard white. But as the others have mentioned it would depend on price. Could you let us know when your website can be accessed, as be lovely to see what you have available.

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Thanks for the links image

    Really love the glitter tablecloths, but would not go with our venue/theme.

    Would you be able to PM me, I would be interested in how much you would charge for 5 Butter Satin Rosette Tablecloths and the colours that they come in?

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