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Whar to put in toiletries basket?

Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259

Afternoon all,

So I'm trying to get my final bits and bobs sorted, and have decided to do a couple of toiletries baskets for in the ladies.

So far I have dry shampoo, deoderant, hairspray, plasters, hair grips, face wipes, tampax, small sewing kit.

What else should I put in there?


  • What about hair spray? xx

  • Oh and what about paracetamol and mints or something to keep peoples breath fresh?

    Nail file?

    Clear nail varnish?


  • Those gel pads you get for your feet when your shoes are hurting?

  • I've just found this list from another forum, I'm thinking of doing this now, so wanted to know what everyone was doing.

    Toiletries Basket
    • Painkillers
    • Girlie things
    • Plasters / blister things
    • Flip flops
    • Sewing kit
    • Hand cream
    • Tights
    • Deodorant / spray
    • Hair ties
    • Safety Pins
    • Hair pins
    • Indigestion tablets
    • Comb
    • Hairspray
    • Diaorreah tablets
    • Tissues
    • Wet wipes
    • Gaviscon
    • Face / feet cooling spray
    • Hayfever tablets
    • Mouthwash / mints
    • Nail file
    • Clear nail varnish
    • Lint roller
    • Mini perfume

  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259

    Fab list, thanks Lucy!

  • Its okay image x

  • JJ2013JJ2013 Posts: 628

    Just a thought, if you have little ones at your wedding I'd either put the basket out of reach or no drugs in there xx

  • JJ2013JJ2013 Posts: 628

    I mean paracetamol, immodium etc- just realised it sounded like I meant illegal drugs haha!

  • i am also putting in little sample sizes of make up i.e lipgloss and mascara i have sent off for these from freebie websites and also by asking at make up counters in the larger department stores... apart from that dont know what else to add but we are also doing a toiletry basket for the men breathmints, lynx bullets, condoms, hair gel and some moisturiser my partner is not sure what else so anything you can think of would be useful

  • My list is pretty much the same as yours Lucy but Ive slipped some condoms in our ladies basket and some of those make up remover face wipes. 

  • For the mens basket we were a bit boring It was just mouth wash and dental floss they were little white plastic things with a piece of floss on like mini tennis bats

    we had small people at the weddimg so did not put in things like condoms

    we were informed to be careful about putting medecines in the baskey especially as there was no one full time in the ladies room and younger / smaller people could over dose on them if parents not supervising

    I put disposable combs and brushes in nice hand wash and hand cream spare tights just a couple packs and pop socks

    emery boards and the thick glass ones with diamante on

    foot gel pads


    pantie liners and tampax

    deoderant and hair spray just small handbag size ones for people to take away with them.

    thought about make up but unless people take them away with them there is the contamination thingy.

    small perfume bottles

    and others on the list they must have been appreciated

    when we went to get the baskets next day they were nearly empty


    we had thought about hiring the beauty girls to come and give manicures and top up make up but had a casino which went down well our wedding was 3 years ago

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