Donate flowers after reception


I really want to donate the flowers used at our reception to either a nursing home or a hospital.

I would love to do both but I think I need to just choose one because it's not a massive wedding so there aren't going to be loads.

I wanted to ask if anyone has done this before? My preferance would probably be a hospital (only so I can take them to the hospital that looked after my grandad). But has any one done this before or know if hospitals definitely accept them?



  • Bride2b2014Bride2b2014 Posts: 133

    I don't think you can actually take flowers into hospitals anymore because hygiene issues! Lovely idea though!

  • y5c6y5c6 Posts: 467

    The vast majority of hospitals tend to have a 'no fresh flowers' rule now due to the pollens and it causing havoc with some people who suffer from bad hayfever or asthma.  I think a nursing home however would really appreciate something like this.  The elderly people don't tend to get out much if they are not very able bodied, and I used to take my grandma some fresh flowers every week when she was in the nursing home and she and all her pals loved seeing fresh flowers rather than just some fake ones in a vase.

    I think it is a very nice thing that you want to do.  I will be leaving my flowers on my brothers grave, but if my gran were still alive she would definitly have been getting them.

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I think its a lovely idea and a nursing home or possibly a hospice would be a great place to take them - maybe email or call some of your local ones?

    I am putting my bouquet onto my grandparents headstone, with a note attached addressed to all the grandparents who wont be with us.

    Im asking my BM's to keep their bouquetsif they want and the 11 centrepiece arrangements will be tied in tuch a way they can be given away to guests as gifts (i may throw one if i decide to do a bouquet toss!).

    Not sure what to do with pew ends and fireplace arrangements though!  Such a waste of money to throw them away, and we go on honeymoon 2 days later so no use to us!

  • RedfiRedfi Posts: 103

    Hi, just an alternative idea but my friend gave her flowers away... one to the lady that made her cake, one to the lady that made her hair jewellery and others to her close female family members as extra 'thank yous' xx

  • misslocketmisslocket Posts: 686

    I think that's a really lovely thought, such a nice way to share some of the joy from your wedding. When my dad passed away, the funeral directors asked me if i'd like them to donate the flowers- I got a thank you card from our local hospice shortly afterwards (funeral flowers seemed a bit morbid for a hospice to me, but hey ho!). I agree with pp that hospitals may be a bit tricky but hospices or nursing homes i'm sure would welcome them- i'd say just agree with them prior (the last thing you want is to be driving around town trying to give them away!) xx

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Aww I think I'll have a centrepiece put on my grandmas grave! Then I might hand out others to people who have helped xx 

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    We gave some of the wedding flowers to our parents and Andy's aunt, and our centrepieces were put on my grandparents/ great-grandparents' graves- if we hadn't been going on honeymoon 2 days after the wedding we would have driven up to Derbyshire and put some on Andy's grandparents' too. I think donating them to a local hospice is a really lovely idea x

  • Hi we are an organisation called Floral Angels. We repurpose flowers from weddings and events in London and donate to hospices. Care homes. And women's refuges.  Look at our story on

  • What about a doctors waiting room to cheer up all the poorly patients who couldn't get to see a doctor over the weekend image

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