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kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

Hello all,

Myself and another B2B are after tree slices and crates. A couple of people have suggested florists but in case this doesn't work out, can people let me know where the best place to get tree slices from and the cheapest places to find crates?



  • I have some tree slices available after 14th Sept.

    I am in Sevenoaks Kent

  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Ooooh thanks alison! Sevenoaks is not too far from me at all! How many do you have and how much would you want for them?

  • £5.00 each slices about 12in diameter.

    Were you wanting wooden apple crates as I can ask our neighbouring farmer if he has any spare. He has an apple orchard.

  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Oh that would be great if you could ask him! 


    Anything like this would be great! I can get for £7 onlline so any cheaper would be amazing. 

    Do you have a picture of the slices so I can send to my friend?

    Thanks so much!


  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    Kitten2 - did you manage to get some tree slices or crates? I am also looking for some without paying the earth for them! x

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