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Hi ladies

Unbelievably, its only 29 days to go... I feel utterly disorganised and stressed and I was hoping you could help with a quick question.

Our ceremony is at 12pm, followed by afternoon tea at 1pm, garden games, then dinner at 5pm. We have a live band in the evening and they have suggested that they play from 9pm - 9.45pm, then 10.15pm - 11pm and we're planning on having a small buffet in between sets.

Do these timings sound roughly ok to you?

The evening guests should start arriving around 7.30pm - do we need to start the "disco" bit earlier than 9pm? So maybe have music playing from 8pm, the band coming on at 9pm, then the disco continuing after the band?

The other thing is our first dance - we're planning on it being the first song the band plays so we won't be able to join in any dancing before then!

Does that all sound ok? Would appreciate any feedback you might have!


G xx 


  • Jen87Jen87 Posts: 17

    Hey Giovanni,

    What's happening between 5pm and 9pm? I would only suggest you start the disco earlier if there is nothing for guests to do inbetween.

    I got married a few weeks ago so know how you feel, it is stressful but all so worth it and you will have the time of your life.

    If it is at all helpful here is my timetable -

    4.00 Ceremony
    4.45 End of Ceremony
    4.50 Photo’s and Reception for guests
    6.05 Reception ends, call for Dinner
    6.20 Bride & Groom entrance in to room
    6.35 Return to seats
    6.45 First course served
    7.10 First course cleared and sparkling wine served for father of the bride speech
    7.20 Father of the Bride speech
    7.30 Main course served
    8.05 Main course cleared
    8.10 First dance and band first performance
    8.35 Groom speech
    8.45 Best man speech
    8.55 Dessert served
    9.05 Tea/Coffee served
    9.20 Cutting of the Cake (Dessert cleared)
    9.30 Band starts second performance
    10.00 Cake to be served
    10.30 Band break
    10.45 Band starts final performance
    11.45 Band finish
    12.00 End

    You should try as much as you can to break up the speeches so people don't have to sit there listening for half an hour. 

    Hope this is helpful!


  • GiovanniGiovanni Posts: 208

    Thanks Jen - that's so organised! 

    Our timings are:

    4.30pm - speeches (we want to do them together as my Dad is a nervous speaker, so I want to let them all enjoy dinner and not be worrying about their speeches)

    5pm - 7pm - three course dinner, tea & coffee

    From 7pm - evening guests arrive

    9pm - band's first set

    9.45pm - buffet / wedding cake

    10.15pm - band's second set

    11pm - disco

    So it'll really be from 7-9pm that there's nothing "organised" - do you think we should bring the band's first set forward to, say, 8pm? So, the band would be 8-8.45pm, then 9.15-10pm, and we could have the buffet at 10pm? Is that too late for a buffet?

  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171

    How many guests? I ask because the more guests you have, the longer the meal takes. Also, when are you having photos? Even a few formal shots can take a long time. We had a 12pm ceremony so if you like, I can check back using the timing on the photos and figure out what happened when, but I'm not at home at the moment to do it. 

  • GiovanniGiovanni Posts: 208

    Hi atlast, that's great - thank you. we're having about 60 guests during the day x

  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171

    Will do it when I'm back home after the weekend 

  • Jen87Jen87 Posts: 17

    Hi Giovanni, My dad was so so nervous too and couldn't relax until he done his speech so I know what you mean image.  You could hire a photo booth and have a few bits to keep people entertained during 7 - 9 but if you can make that time slot a bit smaller and think it would be better.  Either fill it with something or move the band a bit earlier if you can.  If you can't have them earlier, maybe there is another form of entertainment you can hire? xx

  • GiovanniGiovanni Posts: 208

    I just checked the invites and evening guests are arriving at 7.30pm, so I think we're just going to start the disco at 8pm, have the band at 9pm and keep the rest of the timings the same.... thanks for your help! 

  • Jen87Jen87 Posts: 17

    Sounds like a great idea! image I hope you have an amazing day xx

  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171

    that sounds fine to me as well.  as promised, i've looked back on the date stamps on my photos to check the timings of my day.  you seem pretty sorted now, but I'll still write them out in case they help anyone else.  I've had to double check these as I couldn't beleive them myself.  Time absolutely flew by

    12pm - ceremony

    even with a couple of readings, we're signing the reigster at 12.23 and we walked back down the aisle as man and wife at dead on 12.30 image

    bit of mingling til 12.45 - then all outside for the group shot which kicked off the formal photos.  Few more formal shots with family til 13.10.  then rained stopped play a bit, so me and husband went off for some couples shots in a shetlred part of the grounds.  showers went away for confetti shot at 13.30.  few more family shots and then more mingling

    this is where time starts to disappear.  we were supposed to eat at 2-2.30pm, but looks like we made our grand entrance into the dining room at 2.50pm.  We didn't have a formal reception line for people to pass on way to dining room,. but husband and I did stand at bottom of stairs to make sure that we got to say hi to everyone and that took a while, but everyone was having such fun catching up and enjoying the reception drinks, the whole thing just slipped slightly. 

    We had about 90 guests and did speeches after dinner when people had their coffee.  speeches started at 5.10pm, which means the 3 course meal took until then.  Speeheces took half an hour, then we made the most of the sunshine and went back out for some more group phoros with friends, then some more mingling and a then another short couple photo session in the last of the sunlight (only took about 10 mins).  that takes us up to 7pm.  Think evening guests came at 7pm. 

    First dance was 7.25 when the disco started (we wanted it over and done with!).  then we cut the cake at 7.40 (we were quite keen to get the formal bits over with by this point and we needed to do it so that they have the table free for the evening buffet).  Evening food was a hog roast.  this came out at 8.40pm.  Then all that was left to do was drink and dance, and we did plenty of both!

    thanks for giving me an excuse to look at the photos again! Hope this helps someone


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