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We are getting married November 2014 and trying to think of a Theme, its going to be sat after bonfire night but we can't afford professional fireworks as on a budget, thinking of having flower arrangements maybe in pumpkins as close to Halloween, I need to think of some other ideas that will blow our guests away... Anyone out there got any cool ideas?? Obviously its going to get dark early So most people will be indoors though looking at hiring a patio heater for those who want to mingle outside... 


  • What about having your centre pieces to look like fireworks...not sure how lol but sure google would come up with something image xx

  • Have you thought about lots of sparklers? You could have lots to play with in the evening? You can get packs of 20 off of Amazon for about £3!  So you could get hundreds for £30!! Plus if your photographer does slow exposure photos you can write lots of lovely messages using the sparklers and get some brilliant photos!!!

  • Oh yeah sparklers!!! Brilliant Lisa - bride! x 

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    Liking the sparklers idea....what's everyone think of a winter wonderland style theme?? Like Christmas but not Christmas... Lots of winter whites with lots of sparkle?? Maybe I could get some fake snow, hehe image

  • White weddings always look lovely!! Lots of fairy lights, sparklers, candles. I think it'd look really nice, not so sure about fake snow though!

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    Yeah I just googled ake snow, it actually looks a bit wrong lol 

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    We are also marrying on Nov 8th 2014, and I've been thinking the same! I've been thinking about using the firework theme in the flower colours and decorations, and also having sparklers to write messages in photos etc. We may also make lots of toffee apples/ bonfire toffee for favours although the food won't necessarily carry through the theme.

    I wondered if it might be a bit too early in autumn for winter wonderland themes when I thought about that.  

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    We went to Boston last Autumn and the trees were amazing. If we were getting married later in the year I would love to have those bright red and gold autumnal leaves involved somehow. 

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    I'm hoping to have a S'mores bar at mine it's an American camp fire treat - toasted marshmellows and a piece or chocolate sandwiched in a biscuits like a digestive. You'd need the venue to allow you to have a small fire outside though. Although searching on pinterest lots of people seem to have them set up indoors aswell




    I have also read of a few brides doing a hot chocolate bar which I love the sound of! 

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    Hi, on the sparkler theme, just wanted to warn that if having these indoors that you should check the sprinkler system with the venue. Was at a fireworks themed work event last year and when the sparklers started it set off the overhead sprinklers and everyone got wet! 

  • I loved the idea of having a November 5th wedding, as it is my favourite time of year... The sparklers would be uber cool, and as somebody else suggested, warm hearty foods and bonfire type snacks could go quite well, like pumpkin soups, stews, toffee apples... Depending on location, couldnt you have a big bonfire? Or something like a fire pit for the outdoors? Only ideas, but this idea really excites me haha!

  • Hi, I am getting married on 9 November this year and we are having an autumn theme, so lots of leaves and candles. All our stationery will have leaves in and we have a 4 tier wedding cake with a cascade if leaves down one side. We are having orange burgundy and whit flowers. We are having a sweet cart with a few toffee apples for decoration. Also lots of sparklers for evening image I would love a burger can and fireworks in evening but can't afford it image I think there's so much more you can do theme wise in autumn/winter rather than summer!

  • We had sparklers, I brought 120 for £10 on deal of the day! looked amazing in the evening.

    We got married in Feb!

    you'll get some great photos with sparlkers too!


    This is one of my fave wedding photos from our day. They gave out sparklers to all of them guests while we were watching the fireworks display.



  • You don't necessarily need to have a professional fireworks display unless the venue demands it, if you have one person willing to settle off you can get multi shot cakes that we like a firework display in one firework that last around 1-2 minutes each and an electric firing system that slows you to set 4 fireworks off at a time, I strongly recommend Epicfireworks, as they are super helpful and would work with you to put together a small DIY display together for what ever your budget is.

  • You could also have a balloon release. You can get small LED lights to go inside balloons so the balloons are lit up, use these as decorations in the venu and then later in the evening have everyone take one out side and release them.

  • if you cut open a slow stick and pour it into a jar, seal and shake around you get glow in the dark jars! you can add glitter too and they look awesome- need to be a little careful with the contents though- wear gloves! but they do look awesome and last about 7-8hours.

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