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Homemade vodka jellies as favours????

I am thinking of making different flavoured vodka jellies for favours but not sure if our venue will allow this.  And if we do will they charge us???? Ideas and opinons please x


  • Mrst2b5Mrst2b5 Posts: 246

    I'm doing homemade cherry brandy for mine. I have decided not to ask them. I'm hoping by the time it's the actual wedding day they will be so busy they won't care. If u ask there's always a chance they will say no. Im sure if they query it after I'll be able to argue my guests spent enough at the bar, which I'm sure they will! 

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    We have made miniature blackberry vodka and rhubarb vodka for our favours and like Mrst2b5 have also decided not to mention it to the venue at the risk of getting charged corkage after reading some horror stories! But if they did try that I would stand my ground on that one as they are not given to be drunk there and then (although I can't stop people if they do!)

    The problem with jelly is that it WILL have to be drunk/swallowed (!) while people are there - I would also worry about whether it would melt if it's sat on tables so you need to think about practicalities I think.

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