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Along with the majority of brides I'll be making (or buying) activity packs to keep the children entertained whilst at the reception. I'm a bit worried about the teenagers though (my cousin will be 15/16 and my niece will be 13) as they will be too old for the children's activity packs but I'm worried that they'll get bored. Does anybody have any suggestions on ways to keep them entertained - at least until our band start?


  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    I'm a bit concerned about this as well - I'm doing packs for the kids, but then one of my h2b's cousin's will be 13 and he'll need something but is obviously too old for a colouring book and toy!  

    How about a puzzle book if they enjoy that sort of thing?  A disposable camera and a photo scavenger hunt?

  • Thinking about the children I know of that age, I think they should really be ok with sitting and acting grown up! Certainly the 15/16 yr old. At that age they really seem to like being just treated like the grown ups and not do anything that makes them stand out!  But I think camera idea is good... Make them feel like they have a part to play by taking some of the photos for you. 

    Im tempted to say that they will probably be busy face booking friends on their phones, under the tablecloth!......but I'm sure they are too polite and well mannered for that image

  • I was thinking of using the Wedding Party app so I could put the girls in charge of that as the pair of them are glued to their ipods/iphones.

    I think my cousin would be fine 'playing' grown up, but I don't know if my neice will as she's quite childish. It'll probably be easier to work out nearer the time because it is 19th months away.

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    I agree that at that age they are probably capable of looking after themselves and will probably have their phone/ipad with them.

    If you want to give them something - how about an itunes voucher so they can download something to keep them occupied if needed?

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