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DJ or I pod

We are trying to find a DJ for our evening reception.  We do not have any recommendation from anyone we know. Our evening reception is in a underground bar that hold 100 ppl max.  It is not a huge bar.  We talk to the bar manager and they said when they have private function they just attached their sound system to an iPod. I was wondering if I should just buy an iPod rather than a DJ?  Does it look a bit cheap without a DJ?  However it would save us money so we can spend on other things tho.  Any opinion?


  • I guess the difference would be that a DJ can feel "the mood" of the evening and adjust music accordingly, or you can always go and ask them to play something... with an ipod someone would have to take care of it... I guess I would be too stressed, I'd rather have a professional dj to take care of everything..

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    I agree - would invest in a DJ if you don't want to worry about people dancing - guess it depends on your priorities though!  (I want people to dance all night!)

    With an iPod you would also have to buy and sort all the music, which is a job I could do without personally!  I like having a DJ you can go up and request songs to.

  • I would always and go with DJ, a DJ will be able to play off what your guests are enjoying on the night..


    whereas a ipod, you have to re-plan all the music and if guests don't dance or dislike the music nothing you can do about it.

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