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Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask anyone about good bands in London - style is rocky/alternative/classic covers - our love and scope in music is WIDE so not too specific on the genre. Just want a band who gets everyone on the dancefloor but isn't cheesy. Our budget is £500. Is this to little?


  • Hi Emma!

    We had a great band call The Spectrum.

    They played just what you're after because we wanted the same. They are very experienced and loads of our guests have booked them since! They come with a DJ too which saves on costs.

    I think that £500 might be too little though, we paid just over £1000 but they had to travel quite a way to us.

    We could have got a cheaper band but it was sooo important to us that our evening went well. 

    You can google them or find them on (just spent 10 minutes finding that .com doesn't work??!!!!!! - oops!)

    Good luck and say hi from Charlie! X

  • Hi Emma.


    Our prices are very competitive - check out our website: and Facebook page for reviews:

    happy planning


    Soph & Mat


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