Bar Closing Times!! (Brig O Doon, Ayr)


I'm getting married next October in the Brig O Doon hotel in Ayr. Now I have slight concerns about the bar closing times. Officially, the bar closes at 12 am in the banquet hall. However, the residents bar is open all night. The only problem is there are only 12 rooms in the hotel itself so most of the guests are not going to be residents. I have asked about whether or not people will still be served in the residents bar and they have said strictly residents only. Do you think it is ok if the residents buy the drinks for the other guests? Has anyone been to a wedding here or been in a similar situation, are they going to throw all my guests out at midnight??


P.s. not an alcoholic - just don't like going to bed early in case I miss out on something!!



  • hi PinkSparkie the reason they will have a set time as in 12am is because they won't be able to take money for drinks after this time by law, so this is why they say residents only as that way they add it to the room bill. when i used to work at a hotel we used to let people stay but as long as there drinks were added to a residents tab. hope that helps x

  • I am getting married at the brig o doon next June and totally forgot about the early closing of the bar. Tbh I'm thinking everyone might be worn out by then haha. I will have a bus leaving about midnight to take people back to glasgow so am thinking probably only be people left who are staying will be there. 

    I might email wedding co-ordinator and ask about that, tho i imagine no1 wants to wake up morning after and have a massive bar bill haha. x 

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    Ask the venue image

    When we were shown around mine I was actually told by a member of staff paying for the optional hours extension to the private bar was a waste of time as the residents bar is just around the corner, luckily the venue has enough rooms for everyone so I expect a bunch of guests to be in the residents bar till the early hours.

    I actually prefer the residents bar to our private one, its gentlemen's club atmosphere means I may loose a few older guests to it once the evening do gets started!

    The other thing is weddings are generally long days, depending on your ceremony time guests maybe ready to go home at midnight. Unlike a normal party you get to control the timings, I remember the DJ at my brothers timing the music perfectly so by the time midnight came for us all to get on the minibuses home it felt like the right time to go, 90% of the guests not booked on the minibuses had already gone by midnight. 

    I'd love to stay up with my guests after midnight but I don't think I will be able to because I have never known a bride or groom do that, the ones I know look tired by about 11pm.

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