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help - having a wobble over booking a band

Help! I'm having a bit of a wobble about music for the reception, and some reassurance or some sense knocked into me, before i start driving my H2B crazy.

Just spent the last few weeks looking at bands for our wedding reception, done a lot of research and listening to audio clips etc...till was completely sick of it.

We want a ceilidh then some more modern music (to cater for a variety of tastes) and wasnt sure whether to look for a band that could ceilidh plus live covers, or a ceilidh band who can provide a great DJ. 

after listening to many clips, decided that I thought the 'ceilidh plus covers' bands within our price range (and that werent going to be too big a band for our small hall) didn't sound that great as a covers band (weak vocals, or just sounded really cheesy) and decided that for the price - a really good ceilidh band who could do DJ later (thus be able to play pretty much ANY kind of music could be better value).

Now after an exhausting few weeks have picked a decent ceilidh band who will do a DJ set later in the night. They have good reliable reviews, and are within budget.  about to pay deposit and book them.....and started having a wobble....are we doing the right thing....would we have been better with a band that can do ceilidh and live music.....will it be a better night with a live band throughout etc etc.....

Thing is - we can afford to spend more on band if we wanted to....but we set a target budget and trying to stick to it so costs dont spiral.  Dont want to start the search again.. (as i dont have another option in mind)....but equally dont want to just book something because we are tired of looking......and prob need to book soon as they are all booking up quickly.

I always thought I was a rational, logical person, and wouldnt get stressed/crazy over wedding planning......and definitely dont want my H2B to think I'm turning into a bridezilla!  

am i just being crazy and having a wobble? Should I just book it and put it out of my mind?


  • I think a really good ceilidh followed by a DJ set will be ideal - that way you'll have something for everyone. I think your instinct was right that a ceilidh band doing covers might be a bit cheesy and that's the last thing you would want - just make sure they will play the music you want for the DJ set. Trust yourself image

  • Karen6Karen6 Posts: 56 New bride

    Thanks Simone,

    Phew! Thats exactly what I needed to hear. feeling a bit calmer now.  Thank you. imageimageimage

  • Can I be cheeky and ask what band you are looking at, as we are looking to have the same at our wedding and I'm also getting to the end of my tether with the search!!

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