Drinks reception music


I'm just really interested to know what type of music people are having during their drinks reception if any??

I had originally had my heart set on a string quartet but even though they play some modern stuff have decided it might feel a bit formal; my parents want us to have sax but that doesn't feel very 'us', so latest thought is gypsy/parisian swing in the style of Django Reinhardt! I think it could be fun and upbeat after a more formal church ceremony?

Has anyone else had this type of music or been to a wedding with this??



  • That sounds brilliant! Would love that and think it's really original image



  • We are in the exact same problem at the moment.  Want reception music but not a string quartet or jazz band.  We've yet to find a solution and are going mad looking at bands/groups online.

    Have you found anyone that plays that style yet?

  • Hey Mrs ZS2B

    I have seem a few and there are lots on various agency pages. Just search gypsy/parisian/jazz/swing/hot club jazz. It's still jazzy but has a nice parisian feel. It's what Jonny Depp plays in Chocolat image Here is one example:


    Would welcome opinions on suitability image


  • We had a live pianist for ceremony & wedding breakfast.. but we used music by Vitamin Quartet, who play 'metal/rock/alternative' songs just in string form, so was very us

    and then had string quartet music during Drinks reception as Piano was is a differnet room and could be moved haha

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