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Hi ladies, im thinking about not having a top table at my reception so save awkwardness..

My parents arnt together, other halfs mum has passed away image etc.

If we have bridesmaids, best man and their partners there wuld just be tooo many people!

anyone else not having one?




  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Hello, we aren't planning on having one! I think our parents would both like to 'host' their own tables and sit with their friends and equally BM's would like to sit with their other halves too! My MOH did it at her wedding 2 years ago and she said it was really nice to spend that little bit if time just talking to her husband xx

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    We're not having a traiditonal one. My parents are divorced, so are H2B's. His Dad has remarried. It's all too complicated trying to keep everyone happy so we decided to just have a table for us and our son as the top table.

    H2B isn't that close with his family, and we are both extremely close to my mum, who is very happy to sit with my side of the family as she doesn't see them much due to living in Canada. I was worried she'd be upset but she suggested it.

    Don't feel pressured into doing it one way just because it's "traditional" its your day! image

  • We are having like a 'n' shaped table with just the two of us at the top. Not having a huge wedding and if we put parents, bridesmaids etc on top table there would be no one left lol 

  • We didn't have a top table. We had a "sweetheart table" just us two and then had our parents, bridesmaid & bestman host their own tables. It worked well, a top table in the traditional sense was not going to work for us. 

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    I'm sitting on a table with my BMs and their other halves and my parents are hosting their own tables with their friends/family. I find top tables a little strange as you can't talk to everyone on the table and I want to have fun at my wedding so I'm sitting with people I want to sit with! We have a square table and it will be decorated the same as everyone elses.

  • I love the idea of parents hosting their own tables! I would love to be with my BMs too, I think I'd have a bit more fun than sat with the parentals! But I know they'd be put out by it, so we're sticking with the usual. We're not having a long table though, just a round table in a central position, so I won't feel like Henry VIII at a banquetimage

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one having this dilemma!

    Like Weddin crazy said, I think that if we had parents, BMs, etc etc on the top table there would be no one left and the room would feel empty!

    We are considering having a 'sweetheart' table but worry that it may look a bit odd, and anti social!

    I think we will end up having just our parents on the top table with us, but with my H2B's parents both divorced and remarried (and helping with money equally) it's easier said than done!


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