Afternoon reception

we are getting married at 3.30pm, we are having a civil ceremony.

We will have photos etc then go onto our reception venue. we are only having a budget wedding and will be having buffet type foods at night time. My question is do we need food for the afternoon or could we get away with it because our service is quite late on so it will be later when we get to the reception?



  • laurapjlaurapj Posts: 726

    What time are you thinking of feeding people? We have the ceremony at 3pm but will go in for dinner around 5/5.30ish but we're also thinking of doing late night snacks as well.

  • If your having a hot buffet, I would maybe think of doing afternoon tea? With scones, jam tarts, a few cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches etc just to tide ok over till the buffet. If you decide not to do a meal or snacks before the buffet make sure you put it on your invites as ppl might not eat b4 they come as they are expecting to be fed by you xx

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    i think it depends how long after the ceremony you plan on bringing the buffet out? Our ceremony is at 3pm. Dinner will be at 5.30 with evening food at 9.

    I think it'd be ok if you wait till buffet as long as people are aware maybe out something like 'ceremony at 3.30, folowed by photoa, food to be served at reception at 7' That way people will know they won't be eating til the evening and they will have been able to make sure they have a big lunch! As long as people know when they're being fed they generally seem happy with whenever it is - it's the Expectation of food when none appears that would seem strange but if they know there's a wait they'll be fine! Normally people have lunch at around 1 and dinner around 7 so it's just sticking to that! They won't starve!

  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    We are on a tight budget so are getting married late as poss, 3.45 at the registry office, a few pics then a 15 min drive to the Hotel for reception. We will have an arrival drink for everyone, maybe some canapies then evening people will arrive from 7 pm when we are doing a finger buffet.  I am hoping that as its late afternoon people would of had a decent lunch & will just have to wait to be fed in the evening. I am doing a sweet buffet too & we will serve the cake after the buffet so dont think anyone will starve! If money is tight then you just have to do what you can afford. 

  • I would personally do something it's a long time for guests to not eat anything, as they'll properly have lunch midday then wont eat again until you provide food.

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