Kids Activity Table

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I thought it might be nice to have a kids activity table set up during the evening reception.  There'll be kids there from 1 upwards, with quite a few around the 4 years mark.  Does anyone have any suggestions of things I could include on the table (that aren't going to break the bank!).  So far I've got colouring books...can you tell I don't have kids? lol.


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    what about little puzzles? you can pick up some in home bargains or b and m stores! 

    they should have little travel games too, which would be nice! like connect 4, card games etc. x

  • i used a company called baker ross and another called crafty crocodiles for our kids boxes they do loads of little bits
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    Baker Ross are amazing! I use them all the time, they have lots if things that are mess free too! I've bought a large wedding cake colouring in poster to entertain my child guests 


    You can get it personalised with your names and date of wedding on too! Think it cost about £12 that included p&p. Xx


  • Try pound shops for bits an bobs . I got some funky neon sunglasses , cowboy guns . Slinkys. Snakes & ladders and kids sticker books etc


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