Wooden barrel tables

Hi everyone

would really love your help. I am trying to locate some wooden barrels to hire for an alternative to bar tables for my marquee reception but having some difficulty sourcing them. Does anyone know of a company who hires these out? 

Thanks image


  • I don't know antone that hires them out but we have borrowed some off our local brewery for our farm venue before.

    Do you have a local brewery? We spoke to Shepherd Neame and collected them for a bride but they were very heavy and big and filled our transit van!

  • KatiePKatieP Posts: 8

    We have borrowed ours from a friends parents who live on a farm and have loads of things like this. You may find your florist has some good props, mine seems to have loads of great ideas.

    Also a great website for rustic ideas is the wedding of my dreams im getting my vases from there - they are made from bark bought one as a sample the other day and they are great.

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