Blackstock Barn, Hellingly

Hi there,

Venue hunting is evil. For some reason I've found fault with nearly every venue we've looked at and I thought I'd found a winner with Blackstock. 

The actual barn looked lovely when we saw it but the fiancé felt it could be cramped for 70ppl (especially if it rains and outside is a no go). So now I'm not so sure on it (after getting excited that it fit the demon budget!)

sorry...I'm ranting... I just want to know of anyones booked it/seen it fit 70ppl easily/thinks I'm being paranoid.

I'm also struggling to find more than 4 reviews on it so if anyone's seen more of these that would be great! 


Thank you image


  • Ok I'm gonna be honest so pls don't shoot me. I went to a wedding there for  52 pm for the main meal and that was majorly cramped. I would say if you have children it's a perfect venue but if not ....


    Are you looking in south east, and have u set a date ? I can offer a few suggestions as I know the area quite well !!

  • Honesty is good! I imagine the venue try and sell it anyway they can so really wanted to hear from experience. Yea south east...The fiancé doesn't want a hotel but also we can't go too far from brighton as hardly any of my family drive. No date booked yet but hoping for April 2015.

    We'll have 12 children present (at the moment anyway).  looking at the English Wine Centre tomorrow image

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