Help please..

Advice needed please, our ceremony is booked at the registry office for 2.45

after that we will have pictures etc and go straight to our function room. We have the room all day up until 1am.

Our evening guests will be invited from around 7.30ish (thats what time partys start right?) I have no idea what to do after the pictures up until the evening, i know we will have speeches, cake cutting etc but we arnt having a sitdown meal so will need to feed everyone something but i have no idea what :/

We arnt afternoon tea kind of people so that is out of the question, dont want guests getting bored because the day is dragging. 

Also, does the dj just come at the evening? Wont it be to quiet in the day!

Silly things to worry about i know but im at a loss.

any help is much appreciated! Thankyou


  • Personally if your getting married at 2.45 and evening guests not arriving till 7.30pm, food in the evening wont be till 8.30/9ish

    Most guests will have lunch, so going from 12 - 8.30/9 is a very very long time for people not to eat.

    I would defiantly provide food..  I would straight away suggest high tea/afternoon tea as it's filling, not too expensive and looks pretty, but you have said no to that. what about a light buffet  or a hot/cold buffet if budget will allow..

    Regarding music, nice background music during the day is lovely, as people will be chatting and catching up, so I'd save the DJ for the party.


    What time do you think you'll be arriving at the reception venue after ceremony?

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