Unusual wedding band recommendations?

Help! Can anyone recommend a wedding band - something a little different (not cheesy crooners!)

Getting married in north wales



  • Hi Kandypane,

    We had a non-cheesy band called The Spectrum. (The idea of a cheesy band made my blood run cold!!!!!! )

    You can ask them to play requests before hand and they come with a DJ. 

    They literally MADE my wedding reception and people are still talking about them months later!

    Their website is www.thespectrum.org.uk

    Please tell them Charlie says hi!image



  • Hmm thanks Charlie but it's a bit suspect that most f your previous posts are recommending the spectrum. You sure youre not a member of the band?

  • KotchkaKotchka Posts: 12
    Hey, we're having a ceilidh band called triple scotch from Manchester, they're really good if that's the kind of NAND you mean, we've got a dj after that's provided too. Xx
  • Hi Kandypane,

    I wish I was!!!!! I would gladly grab a microphone and sing my heart out but sadly no.

    I recommend the band because they were fab at my wedding and they send previous couples a nice pressie if they recommend them to other weddings. (about 4 bottles of Veuve Cliq and counting! )image

    Plus I found picking a band really stressful so why not share something that's great? People can be too cynical these days! image

    Good luck! 

    Charlie x

  • Mrs CashMrs Cash Posts: 209

    Have a look on www.alivenetwork.com, there's lots of bands on there, you can check their availability for your date x

  • harry28harry28 Posts: 60

    Hi Kandypane.

    Try to take a look at http://rhlive.com/. They have the best live wedding funk bands at a very reasonable price.

    Good luck and best wishes! image


    Hi, have you heard Gypsy Jazz? Its up-tempo lively music that creates a great atmosphere for weddings.

    our group offers first class musicians and great swing music!

    here are some links for you to have a look at,

    Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.





    or email [email protected].com for a quote 

  • fi1fi1 Posts: 8

    Hi kandypane,

    I feel your pain. I have been searching for a band since my partner proposed in june! We love live music and have our hearts set on a band. We have found management sites like earcandy and livenation to be cheesy wedding bands. I contacted venues like live lounge and brew house (cardiff-as we are from south wales) and asked them to suggest bands that were suitable to the genre of music we like. The lumineers, mumford and sons, acoustic. This was more helpful and we could contact the bands directly instead of through the agents sites. Unfortunately, the band we wanted have now been signed.I am now in contact with local colleges and unis music departments. Many uni bands need the exposure to get gigs and are fresh and new so im going down this avenue to find something more current and alternative! Good luck! I really do feel your pain and if you have anymore ideas id love to hear them! 

    Still searching..

  • DanglishDanglish Posts: 196

    We had a fantastic Swing singer called Russell Shaun and his band, drums, bass, keys, sax and trumpet - they were amazing, everybody commented on how great they were, very professional and high quality.

    They also DJ'd for us between sets and afterwards until 1am.

    I can't recommend them enough.

  • If you're looking for some unusual entertainment how about an ITV magical prank!?

    ITV are looking for couples planning a Spring/early Summer 2014 wedding to appear on a returning hit ITV2 show. We want couples with a great sense of humour who would like to play an epic magical illusion on all of their guests at the reception of their wedding! Ideally based in the South East but do get in touch if you are slightly further a field and we can have a chat anyway! 

    Email us at [email protected] for more info!

    All the best for your special day!

  • KatladyKatlady Posts: 6

    Hi Kandypane, we've booked a really good rocky/poppy wedding band called Rockit. They're london based but i think they would travel. We first saw them at a friends wedding last year and they were awesome!

  • My sister booked the The Upbeat Beatles they were awesome, even our elderly Grandma was dancing!! imageimage 

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