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Hi all!

I'm getting married in March 2015 and am getting very excited planning everything! One of the things my fiancé and I are looking at is having a photo booth at the reception. Have any other brides had one, and think they are any good?

Does anyone have a company they can recommend, or any that they have heard are decent? We are getting married in Oxfordshire, but most companies seem to be willing to travel anywhere it seems.

Thanks! x


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    We had one!! we used

    It was fab went down sooo well.. and we used it as part of our guest book.. when the photos printed straight away 2 were printed.. one the guests kept and the second went into our guest book.


    We paid £499 for the booth. then decided to buy our own props so they were more personal to us.. and I didn't like the idea of wigs/hats being used that had been used at god knows how many other weddings/events before ours.. so buying our own meant I knew they were all brand new.

    I think the extra props and guest book etc came to about £150/175ish in total.

    here's a few photos of ours from our wedding


  • CatielouCatielou Posts: 164

    I'm DIYing mine, although going a little overboard! I have bought a bunch of hollywood scene setters and life size cutouts of celebrities, I also for a cardboard cutout of a 50s style car which sits on a table so you can pose behind it as if you are driving Thelma and Louise style and my dad is making me an actual stand with picture frames etc.I bought a bunch of props and will leave a digital camera out. Debating getting one of the instant printers but figure everything is digital these days so plan on sending people pictures after, plus I am sure people will use their own cameras and phones too.

  • I'm DIYing mine too! Going to get cardboard decorated all glitzy as a backdrop.  

    Started buying props already.

    Just debating whether to get a cheap digital camera for people to use or get them to use their own. But I want copies so may just get a camera and then they can get copies off me after the wedding. Not going to worry about printer etc. 

    Think you can make it really personal if you DIY it and it'll save you hundreds!!image x


  • Mrs CashMrs Cash Posts: 209

    I'd like a photobooth too and have found a company that appear to do it for £250. Not looked into it fully yet so don't know if there is a mileage fee for them to travel x

  • Vicki009Vicki009 Posts: 173

    Hi ladies, thanks all so much for replying! I'm DIY-ing everything else and thought about DIY-ing the photobooth, but there's just something so appealing about not having to worry about it on the night, and I especially like the idea of having 2 sets of prints, one for the guests and one for a guestbook.

    I emailed, who I really liked the look of. They do a package with pretty much absolutely everything included, and have quoted £594 (thats including VAT). It seems like a lot I think, but they have said we can pay monthly which should help to make it a bit more manageable with everything else that needs paying for!

    Almost Mrs Cash, I checked that website but unfortunately they don't come to Oxford image, thanks though!

    Catielou it sounds like you've gone to loads of effort, I bet that will look great!

    The other thing I thought of was a polaroid camera but I figured that might cost a bomb for all the film that would be used? So many choices!

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    We have booked

    I thought about DIYing it, but I thought it would be great to have a couple of things I didn't need to worry about. I saw them on several brides planning threads so thought I would go for it, as had good reviews. I have seen brides on here book theirs for £300-£400 so there are cheaper alternatives. I liked how you can personalise the background, props and layout of the photos.

  • MrsMGtobeMrsMGtobe Posts: 612

    We booked blame it on the booth! (based in Lincolnshire) I don't know if they travel but we got ours for £225 for three hours, guest book, props, unlimited photos for us and our guests, attendant and everything else we need to make it run smoothly. It was a special offer. Their customer service has been fab. I can't wait to see the photos from it! image

  • Vicki009Vicki009 Posts: 173

    £225 that's amazing for all of that!! I had a look at the blame it on the booth website, and the photo lounge website, and unfortunately neither of them cover Oxford image

    Most places around here seem to be at least £400, with most places around the £500-£600 mark with everything included. Do you think there is much room for negotiation with something like that, especially if you've had a better quote from elsewhere?

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