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I'm going to see my reception venue in a 2 weeks. We booked back at the beginning of April 2013 and not getting married until April 2015. We booked a all inclusive type package and I want to confirm everything we think is included is included.

Anyone get any questions they asked their venue or wish they had asked?


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    I wish we had asked if there was room to stay in the venue the night before the wedding, 6 months after booking we went to sort out some details and was told the venue was fully booked up for the night before the wedding meaning I had nowhere to get ready! I've now had to book into another hotel and will hopefully be able to check in early on the day of the wedding but I'll still have to get half ready before I can check in! X

  • Firstly check how many people it can hold & how much is the deposit?

    Have you thought about who's supplying the wine, etc.. for the tables? Do they supply wine, etc.. OR, if not, do they charge corkage?

    Although our venue can supply wine if we want it, we're supplying the wine for our wedding because they add extra charges if they supply it. They are charging us 4 pound corkage per bottle however, for supplying our own wine.

    Does the venue provide a catering service? Will they decorate for you?

    ..& if not, when can you put the decorations up? The caterers for our wedding go there 3 & half hours before the ceremony, which means they'll be busy setting everything up for the meal. So, we thought it'd be easier for the woman doing our decorations to go there the night before. There is a slight glitch however, there's a choir there the night before, which means the woman doing our decorations can't get in to sort everything out until after 9pm!

    Ask if you can take pictures as well because it helps to be able to look back at pictures later on when working out how to position everything, etc..

    What about entertainment? Do they provide entertainment or do you have to find your own entertainment?

    Ask as many questions as possible because 6 months down the line, when everything is booked, you could find that it's too late. It's better to ask now than wait.. & asking questions will not only put your mind at rest but also shows you how much they're willing to help.

    Hope this helps & good luck!! Xx
  • We went to confirm our wedding yesterday with a huge list of questions, some so silly, some I thought I knew the answer to, but I'm pleased I laid all my cards out on the table as it were, they now know what I expect of the day & I'm confident that the wedding coordinator will ensure everything is as discussed & she wasn't at all phased even by some of my more unusual requests! 

    I say take a list of anything & everything you want to ask! 

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