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Has anybody used Arden Pig Company?


Has anyone used Arden Pig Company recently??. I have found a thread on here from 2009 but nothing recent. I found a worrying review on another website that slagged them off big time. Was going to book them today for my mum's wedding but wanted to know if anyone has used them recently? 




  • The review referred to is from a Spanish company using our name and logo without our permission. We have instructed this company to remove the website, our name & logo as soon as possible. Please be assured that we have no association whatsoever with this company. Reviews and testimonials can be viewed at our website or on our facebook page.

    Regards Arden Pig Company

  • david Hdavid H Posts: 1

    Not for wedding purposes but the company I work for uses them for a couple of functions each year. We have used them for years and never had a problem.

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