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Help! Canapes at the reception before the evening Buffet ...

I need some advice! My parents & the Manager of our venue are saying that I shouldn't have more than 3 canapes per person at the cocktail reception earlier in the afternoon because of the amount of food that's going to be on the buffet in the evening. Don't get me wrong, they are right that the list of food on the buffet is amazing - fabulous choices, from salads, to hot foods, to carvery meats etc and there's a huge range of desserts. But, there isn't going to be a 'starter' as such.

Plus, realistically, most people WON'T go up to the buffet more than once, so they aren't going to completely gorge themselve even though the choice & amount of food will be great. Essentially, most guests will have 1 plate of dinner and a dessert. So where's the starter? I think that we definitely need more than 3 canapes each at the cocktail reception. Firstly, I HATE to not have enough food - I always think its better to have a little too much than a little too little! - and secondly the canapes will almost be the starters.

What does everyone think?


  • tracey12uktracey12uk Posts: 139
    I agree with you, my biggest nightmare is for people to be at the reception and there is hardly any food there and they will all be starving. It also depends what time of day you are getting married as you don't want the guests to wait all day before only having 3 canapes and then having to wait ages before the rest of the food.

    I know that the health and safety reasons some venues only keep the buffet out for 1.5 hours before they have to throw away the food.
  • NonNon Posts: 495
    hi jami

    how long is it between canapes and when you sit down to eat?
  • MrsPetuniaMrsPetunia Posts: 865
    It seems odd that the venue are talking you out of spending money!!

    I'd say if you want more than 3 have more than 3 - it's your wedding!

    The last wedding we went to there were 4 different types of canape, then the starter, then the meal, then dessert, then a buffet which was only about 1.5 hours later and cake!!
  • jami_phyjami_phy Posts: 419
    I know, it is rather odd that they're putting me off spending money on the food they'll provide!! Plus they were a bit reticent re the wedding cake too - telling me that there'd aready be loads of desserts on the buffet - v. bizarre!!

    The cocktail reception is going to be about 2 / 2.5 hours long. Ceremony is at 4.30, cocktail reception starts at 5 and then the buffet will be about 7 / 7.30. So that's a long enough time to go with a few glasses of alcohol and only 3 canapes inside you.
  • jami_phyjami_phy Posts: 419
    I've been reading other messages, looknig in magazines and talking to friends - and I'm definitely going to go for more than 3 canapes per person. Just couldn't cope with the idea of having not enough food!!
  • The caterers I have looked at quote for 7 canap????s or 3 hot canap????s and 4 'nibbles' (nuts, crisps etc.) per person. We are also having a 2-hour drinks reception followed by a 3-course meal and I am definitely going for 6-7 canap????s per person. If nothing else, it will soak up some of the alcohol!
  • jami_phyjami_phy Posts: 419
    That does definitely seem to be the way to go really - like you said, want enough to soak the alcohol that can be imbibed in a 2 hour reception before the meal!! image
  • jami_phyjami_phy Posts: 419
    I've sold everyone on the idea of 4 canapes each, and bar type nibbles will also be on each table so people can snack happy! I'm much more pleased with that!
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