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Favour ideas for jars


I know this has been asked many times and I have looked through the archive, Pinterest, other wedding blogs etc but am still struggling for inspiration.

I have bought the little jars from Ikea and was originally looking to fill up with sweets, but was wondering if anyone has any other ideas that isn't too expensive and maybe unusual, that would be great. My preference is to have something useful or something to eat if possible.

Thanks ladies! image


  • Alex5Alex5 Posts: 290

    you could make your own candles in them? you can buy candle sand on ebay, you just pour the sand in, stick a wick in and light it! easy as pie.

    or how about garlic infused oil, or chili infused. put a couple of whole chili's in the jar, top with oil and put the lid on, leave to marinate and you've got chill oil!

    pot pourri? i dont know how to make that though image but i bet google will image

    homemade jam?

    ooh ive seen on google like a homemade cookie mix in a jar, google that, that's cute, for them to bake.

    oh! a moody Monday jar! you put little inspirational quotes on bits of paper, or funny memories of that person, fold them up and put them in, every time you're having a bad day or a 'moody Monday' pull a quote out and get cheered up! image

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    What kind of 'theme' are you going for, SoontobeMrsL? I like chocolate pebbles - "why have you given me a jar of pretty pebbles? Oh it's chocolate!" haha. 

    Fab ideas above too!

  • Thanks Alex5, some good ideas there and googling them as we speak!

    Unfortunately, I'm not very creative so as much as I would love to make jam or honey etc, I'm not sure how good they would be!!

    Hi Amye, another great idea - don't really have a theme as such for the favours as we wanted to keep the ideas open so we don't have to limit ourself. The only thing is the wedding is in August so worried the chocolate may melt. 

    Keep any more ideas coming ladies - thank you! image

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    Oh yes we're August too and are worried about melting - we're planning on mini pinatas on the tables - and so we have gone for sugared almonds in them. I know they might be thought of as a bit boring, but they're pretty, they last a long time, and they don't melt!

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    Me again, haha - just remembered a friend telling me about a wedding where guests were given jars of marshmallow and there were candles for decoration on the tables - guests could skewer their marshmallows and toast them image

  • JLMJLM Posts: 205

    Could a hot chocolate in a hot chocolate powder, maybe a few cubes of chocolate, marshmallows etc and maybe attach a spoon? With some ribbon... image

  • Ayme - we did look at sugared almonds but we wanted to have something different, but you're right though, at least they won't melt!

    We are already having marshmallows on the sweetie table, so will be avoiding doubling up otherwise that is a good idea!

    Hi JLM - as our wedding is in August, we want to avoid anything chocolate related in case it melts otherwise if it was autumn/winter, I would have loved that idea image

  • JLMJLM Posts: 205

    Ahhhh what about ice cream sundae toppings? So sweets and sprinkles? bit different to just sweeties? 

    trying to think of some sort of summery concoction ha 

  • Everyone loves a bit of homemade jam!! If you do get stuck on ideas though and decide to buy a stack of chocolate here is a site that specialists in the DIY wedding favours xx





  • KatieyKatiey Posts: 106

    hi - We made plum jam for our mini jars. We had never made it before but got a recipe and had a bash and was delicious. Most important bit is to remember to put greaseproof paper in the lid of the jar (keeps the jam from going mouldy and also don't open jars once its in). We kept a bigger jar which we let set then tried to make sure it worked and tasted ok.

    We then did jars of mini haribo for the kids as thought they would like jam!!!

    Heres a little pic of ours with the lids and name places attached... oo and we also made labels which we stuck on the jars which said "jam packed with love" then our names and the date.

    Was fun to make image x

  • KatieyKatiey Posts: 106



    opps pic didn't attach - here it is (I hope) x

  • Looks great Katiey!


    Did it take long to make?

    Have you got a link to the recipe? I'm not sure if I have the patience or time to make jam but if its easy enough and can be done before wedding date, then I will certainly consider!!!

  • KatieyKatiey Posts: 106

    Hey - no didn't take long to make at all. Id say the longest bit was cutting up the plums and getting stones out! I was surprised as we had never made it before but was so easy and quite fun!!!

    This is what we looked at -

    I did also just run it past my mum before to check and she said just to go for it and see what happened!!!

    Good luck c

  • Thank you!

    im not sure I will have time before the wedding now so might just have to be lazy and buy retro sweets for the favour jars instead! ????

  • KatieyKatiey Posts: 106

    We did mini haribo and love hearts for the children and they worked well too, and also not very expensive if you get multipacks from £ shop! x

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