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Hi ladies.

Right, we're at 25days to go and we've provisionally done our table plan, but I need some help and advice with regards to people's proximity to us.

This might get complicated! I'll try to explain as clearly as possible and have included a diagram of our floorplan to help! Hope you don't get lost along the way!



Table 1 - Top table, me, groom our parents and best man.

Table 2 - My family, dads side

Table 3 - My family, mum's side

Tables 4,5,6,7 - Our friends

Table 8 - Groom's family/family friends

The colour coding show's groups that are related to each other. Where we've not put them on the same tables, we've tried to sit them in close proximity to one another.

Green = best man & his wife and kids, (who for the record, I don't like and have been total d*cks throughout the whole wedding process. I would shove them all in the back if I could!)

Pink = one of the groom's Ushers with his gf on one table, and his parents on table 8.

Blue = another of his very best friends (back up best man who is also an usher) his wife and his mum. They have a newborn baby so we figured it would be useful if grandma is right near them.

Yellow = my bridesmaids. Here's my dilemma, I worry it's really bad etiquette and they'll be upset that they are shoved at the back of the room. We can't fit them all on one table together and so I've tried to sit them very closely to one another.

Table 7 is the young families with young kids table, two pregnant ladies, and 3 kids under 5. They don't know each other, but they have lots in common and I think they'll have a better time talking to people in the same stage of life and mindset, than with our friends who still see kids as a huge pain and aren't anywhere near settling down (is that right? is that ok to do? interested to hear from parents on this matter). Table 6 is mostly my BM's, my BM's brother and his young family.

Does this seem ok to you? OH thinks it's good that the kids are at the back of the room so they can run around etc and not get in the way, and it means that adults can sit in the seats closer to us. But I feel like this is a bit unfair on their parents who are our dearest friends. I know someone has to sit at the back, and it's not a huge room so it's not like they will be that far from us. I just don't want people reading into things too much and my bridal party upset that they aren't up at the front with us.

Any opinions/insight would be REALLY helpful right now.

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at it, I know you all have your own table plans to do!

L xx


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    I think this looks fine - you've obviously put loads of thought into it! I've been to lots of weddings where the BMs aren't on the top table and are dotted around. A recent one I went to had three BMs on one table and the other two on another table and it was totally fine and no one blinked an eyelid. I just don't think there's a hard and fast rule about that sort of thing so I'm sure they won't mind. I def think that it makes sense to sit people with kids together - I know when I was young, single and ready to mingle I def would have preferred to not be sat with kids at the same table! I'm a bit older now and wouldn't mind it at all but I think sticking to the 'stages' people are at is a fab idea. x

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    Thanks JulyBug, it's such a tricky thing to do. It's definitely easy to overthink it X

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    I think you've done a great job, and taken care to try and ensure everyone is comfortable and happy  image

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