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No wedding breakfast

Hi ladies.

so we are having a bit of a dilemma at the moment, my partner and I due to unforeseen circumstances are no longer sure if we can afford our wedding breakfast. It would cost us another 1,500 pounds for food drink and decorations etc which doesn't sound like much but my work place has cut down the hours at work so my pay is stretched as it.

so we were thinking about getting married later say about 2/3 o clock? Then going straight onto the evening do? 

However when I mentioned this to members of the bridal party including my mam she suggested us all going back to hers?? Her house is tiny & I really feel like I'd rather just have the reception then do that, however she seemed aghast at the idea of no wedding breakfast? to be honest me and my partner just want to get married now so this is just stressing us out! x


  • I dont think this is a bad idea at all!!

    One thing to do is to check with your venue that they are happy to let you do this (some places stipulate that you have to have their food even for as minimum number of people)

    I have been to a wedding where they had their photos taken 1st with everyone in the light - something to watch and talk to photographer about as I see you're having a winter wedding - and then had their ceremony in the evening, lit by fair lights (SO gorgeous) and candles. After this we all had a winter Pimms drink and some canapes whilst the speeches took place and then just went straight into the evening reception. It was Great!

    Really romantic, no hanging around...everyone had eaten lunch before they arrived so when the Buffet came out after it was just right at about 9pm.

    I think they did photos at 2pm-3.30pm ish (before light became too low), ceremony at 4pm, Canapes, drinks and chat for about an an hour whilst some dramtic/romantic evening shots were taken, speeches 6pm and then onto evening from 7pm...worked really well image xx

  • Thanks golden revolution- our venue are fine with this, I love how they had there day maybe we could do something like that too! Thank you image it would be so gorgeous and romantic just what I want for our day. Do you think it would be too short a day as a guest tho? I think this is my mams biggest issue?

    Oh right is a church ceremony that short wifey2b? If it is we may have to rework it? I was thinking that the church would last an hour- my FI wants us to take communion I think & were having  2/3 readings as well?

    so I was thinking wedding 3-4 (?) pictures & then I was thinking of serving guests hot choc/mulled wine and a mince pie after ? so leave the church at about 5/ half 5 onto evening venue?

    then speeches, cake cutting & first dance Till half 6? when do you normally do these? I haven't been to a wedding since I was 6/7? So the buffet would be served after however it's not a light buffet it's going to be more of a christmas lunch with roast potatoes, turkey, Yorkshire puddings with some cold buffet options too?? Is this alright, any changes? X

  • JSCJSC Posts: 60

    I think it all sounds great so just go with that... so many traditional weddings are dragged out all day and can become boring at times... this allows everyone a nice lie on and time to eat breakfast/lunch....

    For my first wedding I got married at 4 and it was lovely - a registry office ceremony lasts about 30 mins total but a church will indeed be an hour+....

    Am having 2nd time round on Thursday and am having a few for dinner and then an evening party with buffet etc.. in hindsight I should never have had the sit down meal and invited everyone to the evening.. I say go for it image


  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    I think that sounds good. I like the idea of mince pies and mulled wine after the ceremony (wish I was having a Christmas wedding now). And the timings sound good. I think as long as all your guests are aware that there isn't a wedding breakfast in the traditional sense then it should be fine. They should all have eaten lunch and if the food is served early evening then they won't be going any longer than a normal day. Love the sound of your buffet too. My friend had a hot buffet for her wedding breakfast and it was really lovely and it meant you could have exactly what you wanted.


    Don't worry about if it is too shirt for your guests or not, it's your day and as long as you are happy that's all that matters

  • Thank you jsc & not long at all for you!! if you're getting married on Thursday are you all sorted? X

    lol thank you image I think it'll be nice touch, seasonal and something to warm them up after the ceremony image  Awww yes, how to word it on invites thats also something I'm not sure about? Ceremony at 4 o clock at x, followed by evening celebration with buffet at? Hmm. No definitely a bit earlier don't want everyone getting minging drunk haha. Ahhh that's good to know, it's going to be yummy! thank you, it's hard not to when people can come across as quite negative about it. x

  • *at 3

  • I don;t think it would be too short a-day. It is only 2 hours shorter than most people who start at 1pm and often have time spare/to kill between things!

    Going by what you said above...

    • Ceremony 3pm-4pm (If you tell guests 3pm, brides prerogative to be a few mins late!) and If you are having a church wedding/speeches/communion I think giving an hour is sensible for this
    • Photos 4-5.30pm ish depending on how many different shots/group shots etc you are having
    • While this is happening your guests can be having their drinks and mince pies (FANTASTIC idea btw...I really like this!) will they serve these at the church?
    • Leave the venue at 5.30 for the reception (Obviously depending on how far away it is, I would leave around 30mins-1hour for everyone to make their way there, park, come in, grab a seat/drink/chat etc!)
    • Then Speeches/Cake Cutting at approx 6.30pm?
    • First Dance 7pm
    • Then let everyone get up and have a boogie etc and serve buffet at 8.30ish? I would normally say give everyone about an hour to eat, meaning that from 9.30pm people can dance the night away?

    I think it all sounds wonderful, such a lovely time of year to do it and I don;t think it will be too short at all. You don;t need to serve a sit down wedding breakfast aswell if you're doing it at this time.

    I would definitely check with photographer re light at that time of day in the winter though as it may be that they have a few ideas or will want to do something a little different to ensure you get the best pics possible...definitely go with twinkley romantic lights though image

    I cant wait to see more xx

  • thank you, you're a star. Yeah I need to check with peter our vicar if serving stuff after is ok- he often does it after special occasions in church like Easter, so I'm hoping this is ok. yeah I will definitely speak to our photographer to make sure she's ok with this though I have googled a lot of evening wedding photos and they are really romantic which is what I had in mind. Thank you image I love your plans for pretty! I'm hiring sequin table runners for our wedding, if you're interested x

  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    We got married just over 3 weeks ago & decided to not have a wedding breakfast partly because we didnt want any formality more of a party atmosphere but mainly because we simply couldnt have afforded it.  

    We got married at the latest we could, 3.45 at a really nice Registry office. The service as actually a lot nicer than I imagined! The registrar & the words were lovely. We then went onto a local Country House Hotel where we had prossecco & canapies for our guests had photos etc. Before we knew it evening guests arrived  (from 7) we then had a disco & quite a substantial buffet (in fact there was a fair bit left over)  All in all there were about 70 odd guests. It probably cost about £1500 in the end.  So many people said it was the best wedding they had been to. We were luck the sun shone, drink flowed & nearly everyone danced along all night. It was a great atmosphere.

    You dont have to pay mega bucks to have a lovely memorable day.  Good luck with whatever you decide. It will be great! x

  • MrsCorey2BMrsCorey2B Posts: 143

    Hey - we are getting married at 6pm and straight to reception for 7.30pm! We decided to do this for a couple of reasons: 1. H2B has a large family so wanted to invite them all to the whole day, if we had a wedding breakfast, we would have to wait about 5 years before we could afford it, 2. Wanted a less formal wedding, 3. A wedding I went to last year was sooo long and I hated all the hanging about!.  We are doing a buffet in the evening image  Your wedding sound great! image

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