Funky monkey yurts and bell tent village

Just wondered if anyone had used this company before.

They are from Herts but my venue is in Kent and the venue owner has invited me and groomy to have a look after this weekends wedding to have a look see. at just over 7k they seem really expensive but am looking for some reviews before we make our minds up on yurt over conventional 2k marquee. please help with reviews of the yurt vs marquee. thx x


  • Lisa95Lisa95 Posts: 1

    Hi, just looking for reviews myself... Did you go with Funky Monkey in the end? Love the look of their big yurt for my wedding.. Ay info would be really appreciated!

    Thanks x

  • Hi, me too!

    A friend knows the people who own the company and recently went to a weddingin one of their marquees (I forget which one - a tipi I think), and recommended them. Unfortunately I don't think she's friendly enough with them to get me a discount! 

    Has anyone used any other Yurt companies except Funky Monkey? Wish they were a little bit cheaper!


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