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Ipods v DJs

Hi Ladies

I’m reviewing our budget and am trying to think of ways to save some money. So, my attention is now being turned to the entertainment budget.

In a dream scenario where money was no object, we would be having a band. But, there is no way we could afford one, having already spent a small fortune on getting the venue we really wanted. So, we were going to get a DJ.


However, looking at the budget, we are about 2k over so we need to make cut backs.

So, I’m giving consideration to doing an IPod playlist for our reception and doing away with the DJ all together. But, tbh....I’m terrified. What if it was a total flop?

I’ve read others suggestions on other sites that you ask guest to name a song they would like to hear and also you should make sure it’s not just the music you like as a couple so everyone will have a good time. But, the thought of doing this terrifies me.


What does everyone else think? Has anyone been to a wedding where the Bride and Groom have done this? Did they have a good time? Are there any horror stories or things to avoid?


Also, are there any ways in which you can create a playlist without gaps in the songs (there must be software for this surely?).

Then, I guess you still have to hire good speakers etc?

On the one hand I think it’s a good idea (my dad is also championing it saying he knows loads of people who thought their DJ was a waste of money). If we did this we would also save about £600. Then again, I want to ensure we have an amazing party.

What does everyone else think? Anyone else opting for a DIY playlist and sacking the DJ.



  • I was going to have an ipod playlist but decided against it coz

    1. We would have had to buy all the lighting/smoke machine as a dj has all his own!

    2. We have too much else to worry about without having to sort out the gaps between all the songs

    And 3. It turns out our bestmans dad is a dj and would do whatever playlist we want for 6hrs for £100.

    So once we'd have paid out for everything it was cheaper just to have the dj.. but if you have the time to sort the songs out and get all the lighting then go ahead, i dont see a problem with it image 

  • TBH I would advise against it we went to a wedding where they used a laptop and the venues speaker system and it lacked atmosphere. I think with a good dj they know how to get people on the dance floor when things are at a low.

  • JbeeJbee Posts: 60

    I agreed with the others.  I did consider not hiring a DJ to save money.  Like you I asked my opinion in the forum here.  Everyone seems to against it.  At the end I paid a medium price for a good Dj and my guests had a fabulous time!  The Dj had their own website and they give us our personal login username + password.  We put the link in our invitation so the guests can choose their favourite songs before the Wedding!  The wedding DJ organised the songs in such a great way that everyone was on the dance floor!!  

    Imagine if you have and I pod, the sound system or the i pod is not working, what are you going to do? So your groom or you will have to sort that out instead of entertaining and chatting to your guests.  Hire someone else and let someone else worry about it so you can enjoy your most special day In your life!  

    If you worry about the price talk to a few of them to get a good idea with the price and haggle with the price.  Get the best DJ with the best price you can!

  • tinkymootinkymoo Posts: 419

    We haggled our dj and then went with the cheapest. Our was 250 from 7.30 until 12.00 x

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    £600 seems very expensive for a dj, ours is part of our venue package but otherwise it would have cost £285, maybe you need to shop around a bit?

    Personally this isnt an area I would cut back on, as I think music is a really important part of the evening party.

  • I have been to one wedding where an ipod got more people on the dancefloor than the band the couple had hired (awkward! Especially as it was turned on as the band was packing up). However I would be worried about making the wrong song choices. At least a DJ can change his playlist as he goes along and sees what everyone is/isn't enjoying. 

    £600 for a DJ is cheap compared to some quotes we were given but we managed to get a DJ for £350 and he was amazing (and much nicer than the guy who quoted £1000!!). Maybe see if you can find someone else?

  • Amanda12Amanda12 Posts: 127

    Ours is £170 and is the venues regular -so not mates rates or anything.

    shop around and get a dj is my advice-will create a better atmosphere. 

    regarding the budget-well if you're already 2k over-another £200 is not going to make much difference!!

  • We had a Spotify playlist (on Premium so it played offline and with no adds). We hired speakers for £30 for the weekend and didn't bother with lights. My OH spent time collating songs including guest requests and went for a mix of music including some older stuff, wedding classics and popular tunes. We had a great time and plenty of people were on the dance floor all night! In the end my brother's mate took charge of starting the music off and as he was there no-one was tempted to fiddle with the playlist but I'm sure it would have been fine anyway. The bonus for us was we picked all the music (not necessarily all our faves but we had control), it was cheap and we didn't run the risk of having a bad DJ, which I have experienced at some weddings. I can see why you would be worried but it worked great for us! I also think people want to be around the bride and groom at a wedding and if you get the party started everyone else will join regardless!

  • I worked at a wedding venue and one couple decided to do an ipod disco.  They didn't hire a proper PA, (although we said they should have) and the atmosphere was awful!

    No one was dancing, not even the bridesmaids!  Our system was designed for dinner background music only, so with 100+ guests you couldn't hear it at all.  The groom spent almost 2 hours during the evening reception with me fiddling with the system to try and turn it up but when we did it kept cutting out.  He and the bride were so stressed and it was heart breaking honestly!!!  We tried to phone around to get a PA for them but Sunday night at 10pm, no luck!

    After this the wedding co-ordinator vowed never again to allow an ipod disco.  We felt so guilty.  Even though we strongly recommended a proper PA system - we should have insisted!  It ruined their evening reception.

    I second MrsWtb when she says that once you have hired the equipment you need, you may as well hire a cheap DJ.  Plus you have someone to make announcements for you and stop friends putting on cr*p music.

    Sorry to be so negative but it really was awful!  

  • MrsN2016MrsN2016 Posts: 147

    Thank you everyone for your advice. I can honestly say that after reading this we will find the extra money somewhere and this isn't an area to cut back on. Thanks girls, you may have saved our party! x

  • note the above, you cannot cut back on the evening reception it is one where you really need to entertain the most important people in your life, but I suppose don't expect too much from a DJ - they can only do so much.  Tips etc... can be found on our website with actual live wedding clips.  Keith. 

  • I think with your wedding there are so many things to cut back on.  You and your guests won't really care on the day if you have chair covers, chocolate fountains, expensive cars etc, but they will remember being warm, comfortable, having something nice to eat and a rocking party to end the night!  

    Me and OH are putting all our budget into a nice venue and lots of food and drink with a band.  We have cut out so much to be able to have these things.

  • Although I think a good DJ can be just as good as a band, it just depends what you are looking for?


  • My dad is a dj and always gets really annoyed when people try to cut back on the cost of a dj. People are willing to pay top dollar for food which lasts for an hour maybe, two tops, so if you have 50 guests you're paying out (for example) £3750 (50 guests at £75 a head) for up to 120 minutes. But your dj is in charge of entertaining every one of your guests for 5-6 hours and can easily make or break your night. So a £600 charge (which is definitely on the high end of the scale) split between 50 guests over 6 hours works out as £2 per hour per person, hardly bank breaking when you split it up.

    One wedding that jumps to my mind that I went to a few years ago had a £100 per head meal and an iPod disco. The meal was horrible, I don't even remember what we ate But I remember it was pretentious and awful. The evening do had absolutely no atmosphere as an iPod can't read a crowd, gauge a dance floor and play to people's tastes, mood and wants. I always thought that the bride just have spent less on food and stopped trying to impress people with her fancy pants cuisine and just put some money into her entertainment. 

  • i wouldn't recommend cutting back on entertainment at all. It's what make up the most part of your wedding. We for one second thought about hiring a pa and using our own music. I don't know what we was thinking! we then thought about having a dj but in all honesty it wasn't "us" we love music! We love live music so we cut back on our venue to have all the things that we truely wanted, so we hired a band. im just going to decorate the heck out of our venue instead and pray it looks good lol.

  • MrsN2016MrsN2016 Posts: 147

    I think its a responding thumbs down for the DIY playlist.

    Im so glad i posted about this. We are defiantly not going to do it ourselves now!! 

    Thank you girls (from me.....and my guests lol!) x

  • No DJ can ever come close to the atmosphere of a good band and some charge as much as £500 !! Some useful advice on our website regarding such, we are just happy to help. Keith  

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