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DJ Cost

So I've had a few quotes for a DJ ranging from £50 per hour up to £80 per hour.  The thing is the more expensive one was highly recommended and I'm quite keen with going with that one.

Can anyone tell me how much they spent on their DJ or are intending on spending?

Many Thanks in advance  xxxx


  • Hi Sarah203,

    our dj is costing £350 for 5 hours DJing time. He will be at he venue for 7 hours or so though for the set up and breakdown. Assuming you don't need to pay for the time needed for set up and break down, it is pretty much comparable. Personally I would go with recommended Dj as hopefully you will feel more assured that he can provide a good atmosphere and read the mood of the crowd. Nothing worse than being in the mood to dance and you can't trust a Dj to use their initiative on the music that is getting the crowd going on the night.

    hope this helps!

  • Amanda12Amanda12 Posts: 127

    £170 for 7.30- midnight. It's the standard dj used by the venue. No idea what he's like, not really that bothered either as I know very few people will actually dance ) including myself-I'm not into dancing at all). we only really went with a dj as it's just kind of what people do, and if this guy does weddings every week I'm sure he will be fine. It is unlikely to be our fave style music-but if it was people would have no idea of who or what was played!  

    I think if music /dancing etc is important to you then as with everything-pay what you can afford! 

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Ours is included in our reception venue package but otherwise it would be £285 for the whole evening (7pm-midnight)

  • Hi Sarah, the cost of DJs like anything will depend on exactly what you are after. Things that will affect the price include: 

    - What type of sound equipment/Lighting equipment is provided. 
    - The skill of the DJ (their ability to 'read' the crowd and get the party going)
    - The size of their repertoire

    I'd differ slightly with the other posters here, and would say that £350 for the night, probably is the starting price for a descent DJ, but I know you can find cheaper, and that is just my opinion. 

    I work at an entertainment agency, so more than happy to answer any questions if i can be of any use and i'll give my impartial honest opinion image 

  • No DJ can ever come close to the atmosphere of a good band and some charge as much as £500 !! Some useful advice on our website regarding such, we are just happy to help. Keith  

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