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Wedding Jam Jar centre pieces - cost for florist?

Hi ladies,

We are planning on having jam jar centre pieces for our wedding, but I don't want to do them myself. I'm happy to collect and decorate the jars but would like a florist to do the displays and deliver them to the venue. 


Have any of you done this? Can you give me a rough guide as to how much it cost you? I have seen up to £15 a jar which sounds utterly ridiculous! 


  • I am paying £8 per jar for mine x

  • MrsburaMrsbura Posts: 125

    Thanks MrsBenn, did you get many quotes? i am trying to work out whether to risk doing them on my own or pay somebody to do them for me. 

  • I was quoted £7 per jar but have decided to do them myself the day before. You could ask if they can do them half filled for a more rustic look or specify seasonal flowers? £15 sounds an awful lot! xx

  • Hi im a florist and I do a mixed range of sizes, usually per table I suggest one small, one mid and one lareg and usually charge about £5/£7/£10 for the different sizes so approx £22 per table (although I do a bulk deal if there are a lot) and thats including hire x

  • On thing Id say about doing your own is - is it worth the hassle when you want to relax the day before? Even the simplest stuff takes a decent amount of time.

    Then theres sourcing good quality flowers, figuring out how many you need and ordering them, conditioning them, storing them and keeping them so they open just right on your wedding day, before even designing them. If you have a florist who is doing your party flowers perhaps speak to them as they might be happy to order loose flowers for you at a discounted price and storing them for you correctly? I have sometimes done that, or even just said 'give me a budget and I will buy in as much as possible with that amount' type thing image hope this helps!

  • MrsburaMrsbura Posts: 125

    Thanks Fleur! That's exactly what I was thinking, I might go into meltdown if they werent going right. I have read mixed reviews on how easy/hard they are to do myself so wanted to get them done properly. Having budget struggles today so trying to work out where to cut some costs down! 

    Thanks for all your replies image

  • Ah im feeling you there, I just managed to come under budget on my dress by £700 so im like yey! more wiggle room!

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