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Candles in August?

So, I am trying to plan centrepieces without using too many flowers to save on cost, but am worried about using candles at 6pm on an August afternoon?  What do you think?!


  • What sort of centrepieces are you thinking of? I have a price guide I can send you to give you some ideas on how much things cost if that helps? (im a florist btw)

    My most popular budget items are:

    plain birdcages with candles

    plain candelabras with candles (can do ivy twirls or flower clusters instead of a large arrangement too)

    jars or teacups filled with flowers

    fishbowls with flowers

    or you could take in a container for a florist to fill for you, you can get things in places like b&m which you can fill with flowers and that way the florist doesnt have to charge any hire on items. I love filling other peoples containers because its a bit of variety for me and often I purchase their items for my collection afterwards image


    Hope this helps! image

  • Candles are fine i think.. im getting married in august and plan to have lots of tealights dotted about image

  • Good to hear MrsWtobe8-15!

    I was thinking of having something like this:


    But I'm not sure if the effect will be lost as it will still be daylight image  I guess these will come into their own as the evening draws in.

  • Amanda12Amanda12 Posts: 127

    I intend to have candles with sand and shells. May use battery led ones as not sure venue will take proper ones. I think I just may not light them until the eve

  • Sounds like a good plan Amanda12. 

  • Ahh see ours is quite a dark room with the lights off even though there is big windows, so with the lights off and the djs lights on the candles should look perfect.. maybe just light them abit later on like amanda suggested? X

  • Helen65Helen65 Posts: 11

    I'm getting married in August and we r having lots of candles,if u like candles then that's what u should have x

  • I must warn you the centrepiece you have posted wont be cheap. You'd be looking at at least £1 per pillar candle and a ring of gypsophila isnt the most cost effective. x

  • Any possible alternatives?!  I'm scared off by the price of 'normal' floral arrangements!  I have been given guide prices of at least £20 per table...

  • I got married in August and had candleabra centrepieces and also tea lights dotted about. Everyone said they were very pretty and as the night went on they sparkled more and more x

  • Yeah you would be looking at more than that for the gyp ring im afraid image the tings alone are about £5 before you take into consideration all the gyp taken to cover it.

    What about jars of flowers with candles?

    Or like Debscs says- candelabra? I hire mine out for £15 including candles.

    Heres my bride guide- price list on there that might give you an idea of price ranges image

  • rings not tings! haha

    £20 per table is only £100 if you have 5 tables...a drop in the ocean for most weddings and its what people are going to be looking at for a large chunk of the day image

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