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Cake question!

Hi everyone,

Excited to put my 1st post on here.  So much info on these threads thought best place to get opinions.

I have just been looking into wedding cakes and looks like we're going for a Macaron Tower with a cutting cake at the bottom. We are already having dessert as part of our catering package so the cake is an extra. I wanted something small and individual people could have with coffee hence the Macaron idea. Anyway my question is, although we will cut the base cake for pics and tradition, would it be acceptable not to serve it? We are getting married the thurs before August Bank hols this year and will be seeing family and friends over the wknd before going on honeymoon on the following Tues.  So, I would rather enjoy the cake over the wknd rather than it potentially be wasted on the day or more importantly-i dont get to have any!! image It would only be a 10 inch cake so wouldn't go far on the wedding day anyway. Would love to hear your thoughts. 


  • I cant remember the last time I actually had wedding cake at a wedding so I wouldnt worry! People will be able to see that its just for cutting, and they are getting the macarons.

    My venue is happy to serve my cake up as a dessert with cream which im happy about as im having it made by an amazing lady and didnt want it going to  waste, daft spending money on cake no one wants after the venue serves normal dessert! image

  • What i REALLY wanted was a champagne tower that we would pour instead of the whole cake thing. However I could find no-one to do it and venue were a bit concerned about it!! So annoying even though there are a zillion pics all over internet. 

    I thought we just wouldn't bother with a cake but it was H2B that thought we should have something- he has surprised me with the things he has been passionate about...his corsage being one for gods sake! lol

    So i thought sod it and now looks like were going to have one and i have been quite excited about it surprisingly! i think the macarons will get eaten as they are something a bit different... and small....and i will enjoy the cake after 6 months of dieting! haha!

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We didn't have a cake because I've seen them get wasted so often at weddings - nobody even noticed that we didn't have one to cut so I doubt very much if anyone will notice if you don't serve yours! image

  • Lola4Lola4 Posts: 129

    Great idea with the macaroon tower. We are having our cake cut up and served with tea or coffee at the band intermission (alongside some evening nibbles). Exciting!

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