How much was your open bar?

Hey there!  Can any newly-weds tell me how much their bar tab was, what was included (eg no shots etc), and for how many guests?  We are trying to figure out our budget and any info would be really helpful.  

We will have 70 adult guests and the evening bar will be open for 4 hours. We are not going to have it fully open, just wine, beer and soft drinks.  


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    We had around 80-90 adult guests, included wine, beer and soft drinks (plus whisky for OH's great auntie and a few rounds of shots that we let my brother put on).  Bar was open from after the ceremony until 1am and it was around £1700.

  • Thanks very much Spam, that's really close to what we have budgeted.

  • We have budgeted around £400 for the open bit of the bar, we think it'll last about an hour as there will be around 100 guests and we've asked for no shots and no doubles of anything. We're having a lot of table wine so hoping that there will be some left too. 

  • Fingers crossed!  Thanks for replying xx

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