First dance song- what to have

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Hello, my fiance and I can not pick a 1st dance song for love nor money. We've been trying for months!

I think the sticking points are;

1) None of the songs we both like are in any way appropriate for the occassion

2) Chris is very very shy so wants something short and not too slushy

3) We've honestly gone through tons of '50 best 1st dance song lists', exhausted the back catalogues of all our fave bands, and even considered showaddywaddy (we were quite tempted for the comedy factor!!)

Help!! What are other people having, besides the usual/ obvious stuff? We need some inspiration!!!

Thanks in advance, Rebecca x


  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    We didn't want anything too slow and slushy-it's just not us, and we don't have a song so we had "you make my dreams" by hall and Oates after I heard it in Saturday night takeaway and loved IT image 

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    We wanted something short and a bit more upbeat too so we chose You're My Best Friend by Queen image 

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    Do you not have a song?


    It's your wedding so you can always skip first dance if you want

  • You could always choose a quick song and get people involved early on so you're not on your own on the dance floor with all eyes on you for too long. We are having I won't give up  by Jason Mraz first as we've been through hell and back to get where we are, but then we're going straight into 500 miles by The Proclaimers to get everyone up and dancing as we think it's a fab love song that often gets overlooked because it's not all slow and slushy!

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    We're having you and me by penny & the quarters because it's from my favourite movie! We're also having a second dance song which is baby I'm yours cover by arctic monkeys 

  • As regards finding the right song, isn't it always the case that when you look too hard you never find what you are looking for, regardless of what it is?  Inspiration strikes at the strangest times; at really odd moments.  I suggest relaxing over the subject of the song and nail down whether to

    • have a First Dance
    • not have one!!

    If your fiance is shy and doesn't wish to be the centre of attention for too long, and you do want a First Dance, then the only sensible options are either

    • a very short song
    • invite relatives to join you a short way into the track (use the DJ)

    My advise is based on hundreds of events as a Wedding DJ and having first hand experience of exactly this scenario.  And maybe if a song never 'comes to you' then maybe any reasonably popular song will do.  It's your day but the First Dance is a great opportunity to get the evening celebration into full swing.


  • We have live wedding dances on our website, some are first dances, you may draw some inspiration from them and the way the couples deal with getting the relatives to dance with them,  "wedding videos" page on our website. 

  • We struggled too as my H2B isn't really in to 'pop' music and is a bit of an emotional robot, so a classic love songs didn't really seem right!

    Having said that, I think we have finally found one we both like- Just the way you are, by Billy Joel. Have to admit though, as much as I love the song, I'm not massively looking forward to having to dance in front of everyone for the duration of it!

    If that is something that really bothers you too, could you have a 'group' first dance instead? So rather than it just being you and your OH, have other members of the wedding party or close friends up there with you too? You could then also go for something more upbeat than slushy, like the final song of Grease!!

  • We aren't having a "proper reception" with a dance floor, we are having a garden party so I'm not sure we're going to be able to have a set aside time for an official first dance. We have decided though that whatever happens during the reception when we get back to our home we are going to put on Ed Sheeran "Thinking out loud" and have a dance in the front room just us two.It's only been "our song" for a couple of months despite being together nearly two years. I would love to have it in the back garden with all fairy lights twinkling and what not but realistically its not necessarily practical (heels on grass!)

    Its your reception, you could start with just a song you both like to listen to (even if its not necessarily a weddingy song) and then ask your mum, dad, bridesmaids, etc to very quickly join in on the first verse prior to the event so they are ready and waiting. 

    If you're not adverse to a bit of comedy i just typed 'unusual wedding first dance songs' into google and it spat this back at me...

    Some funny ones on there, if not quite right then at least a bit of inspiration! Remember though, its your wedding, its your day, if you want to be different, who says you can't be!?

  • Me and my fiancé have picked Because You  Loved Me by Celine Dion because it has meaning. He pretty much pulled me out of my darkest days which is what the lyrics refer to (in my opinion) it's all about the lyrics

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    Do you have any bands you both like? Ours wasnt a typical wedding song, we chose a beautiful acoustic version of Chasing Rainbows by Shed Seven, both like the band & their songs & go to see them all the time, so the song wasnt "weddingy" but we chose it for the reasons that we liked it, then went into Stone Roses to kick the party off, Dont get stuck on it has to be romantic/slushy/weddingy, if yous like it then its an option

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    Just thought I'd give an up date on our first dance conundrum. After many more songs trialled over another few evenings and weekends I was watching an episode of Don't Tell the Bride where the groom organised a gig themed wedding which was, frankly, brilliant!! The couple's first dance song was 'Baby I'm Yours' by Arctic Monkeys and it was like lightening striking- perfect for H2B and me too! We love the Arctics, have seen them live together a few times, I love that song, it is upbeat enough, lyrically wedding appropriate and fits in with all the other music we've chosen to feature in our special day. Perfect! Luckily H2B agreed to- sorted!

    Thank you everyone for your advice image

  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    Aaw fab!! Next time you see them hopefully they'll sing it, the song we chose is always the last song as the gig & we see them in December again image

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