No wedding breakfast - evening only

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Hi everyone.

I am very new here. I have been engaged for around 4 years. I have been busy with my postgrad course etc since then and just finished in January so decided to finally set a date for our wedding.

We have only just set a date and it's only 12 weeks away!

Me and my partner have never wanted to spend too much on our wedding so are on a budget.

We decided to get married late in the afternoon (5pm) so we could go straight into an evening celebration rather than having a sit down meal as well.

This seems to be a less common way of doing things so I have no idea what applies (e.g. speeches, table plans and favours etc are usually done during the wedding breakfast).

Has anyone else done this? What did you do?

Looking forward to speaking to fellow brides to be and former brides for advice image




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    Hi Lauren, welcome to the forum image I'm sure you'll get loads of fab advice here.

    I did the traditional thing, but love the sound of yours. Have you booked your venue yet? This will obviously dictate the kind of things you could do.  Are you having an all in one wedding, or will your guests need to travel from one venue to another? I guess it all depends on what you want from your day... You don't have to have table plans, favours or speeches if you don't want. What will you be doing food wise? If you have a buffet then usually a dj or band would announce this, they could always announce the speeches in a similar fashion.

    Lots of of exciting decisions for you to make image xx

  • I think it's totally up to you! You can definitely still have speeches if you are just doing an evening thing, but I guess you may not want to do favours or anything if there are no tables! I would just imagine it like a big party and just fit in anything you want because it's a wedding, but leave out things you don't want because you are not being traditional.

  • One of my friends did this a few years back and she chose not to do a first dance, speeches or cutting the cake, so it was more like a regular party, but that was because she didn't like being the centre of attention. Do what you are comfortable with, and make it your day!

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    Thank you all for replying.

    We are having the evening reception at a different location nearby and we are having a buffet and DJ. I did always say I didn't want speeches so in a way is good that it may be less expected the way we are doing things, but I do feel like I might be missing out on something if I didn't have them (I was obsessed with the Tom Fletcher singing video - obviously my speeches would not be anywhere near that but still!).

    I would still like a first dance, even though like your friend - I don't like being centre of attention!

    Feels odd breaking away from tradition a bit as I am unsure what to do! All the weddings I have been to have been the same traditional weddings so I don't have anything to go on really image

  • My wedding is the same as yours only our ceremony is about an hour earlier at 3:45pm, after the ceremony we will have a couple of quick pics and then onto our reception at a golf club about 30mins away, should get there for about 5pm, 45mins/1hr for proper photo's then inside to start the buffet about 6pm (will have enough food to last until about 11pm hometime!) then we'll do the speeches and first dance then cut the cake and then just party lol..

    Not having favours, or champagne or anything like that we are doing gifts for the bridal party though, theres no need for a table plan either as people will most likely roam about and dance/mingle at an evening do so will just sit anywhere x

  • If you want do to some of the more traditional things for you then go for it, but don't do them just because they are tradition - not a good reason for doing something in my opinion.

    We had an ace time at my friends wedding reception, she had a lovely buffet and a DJ, everyone just sat wherever and danced all night. Its also where I met my H2B! So maybe less formal and less traditional wedding parties are the way forward?! Better chance for minglingimage 

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    I went to a wedding with a similar time line to yours.... There was no table plan, but they did have speeches and a first dance factored in ..... Your DJ will probably be a vetran of many weddings and able to give you some pointers?! 

    Essentially, the wedding I went to had a buffet, when everyone was sat down having a bite, the speeches kick off .... Serve the wedding party 1st!!!! They cut the cake and did the 1st dance at about nine ish!!! 

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