Children on the guest list


i just want an opinion of whether I am wrong not to invite children to the reception. I have no children and can't think of anything worse than a child causingn riot in the church and reception.


However as I am the youngest I have a lot of nieces and nephews, but I just can't jusify the cost for them, will my family be annoyed? Am I being a bridzilla?


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    In all honesty, if my wedding was bigger there would be a no children rule, neither myself nor my OH have the patience for riotous noisy children....i know that's controversial but we are those people who tut at children having tantrums and parents who don't control their children, we make no apologies for it's your big day and if you don't want children there, then it's entirely your call image


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    We said no children! We worded it as "although we would love to celebrate our marriage with both you and your children unfortunately we cannot accommodate them due to venue restrictions. We hope you can still make it"


    There were no venue restrictions in reality, more MrsBura restrictionsimage

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    Well done, and well put MrsBura! Lol 

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    Hmmmm I think not having nieces and nephews will upset your brothers and sisters.  I know I certainly would be if that was done to me!  But I would never not have my nieces and nephews present!

    each to their own! i would probably speak to your family and advise them that's what your thinking


    good luck!

  • Thank you all for your comments

    i call them my nieces n nephews but their my cousins as we are such a close family which makes he decision hard ????


  • But I will talk to my family about it image

  • We are only having a small ceremony with 30 people.  Of the bridal party 4 have children under 2.  I can see no possible way that there will not be at least one crying or fussing throughout the ceremony and breakfast which not having kids or being 'child friendly' myself I would hate.

    We have approached the parents at an early stage to gauge their feelings on not having the children there and the response has been positive.  All have said they are happy to attend without the children and understand that with such a small ceremony to have to accommodate 4 high chairs would be difficult.


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    It's your wedding so your choice.  I suppose it just depends what you want more:

    1) a childless wedding that may cause bad feeling with your cousins and potentially lead to them not coming too

    2) a happy family but the possibility of children running around on your day

    unfortunately there is no win win solution.  You will never please everybody so you may as well please yourselves x

  • We chose not to invite kids to our wedding... it has caused hassle with some family members but I think stick to your guns and go with what you want. It isn't wrong not to invite kids, neither is it right, its a matter of opinion, and its yours that counts (had a discussion about this on a forum post here yesterday!). 

    I personally think that young children get bored and will not even remember the day. If it means you have to sacrifice inviting close adult friends to accommodate a hoard of children, is it worth it? A wedding involves long stints of standing around, sitting quietly through the ceremony and speeches and goes on late into the night with a lot of drinking. Not really a kids event in my opinion.

    No matter what you do someone won't be happy about it, whether that is not inviting kids, or not inviting some distant Auntie you never see or picking food some family members don't like - don't try to please everyone, its not possible to!

  • We are inviting children but we have a child, we are leaving it up to the parents if they wish to bring, if we didn't have a child I don't think we would invite children 

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    We chose to not have children under 10 during the day and everyone respected that. On the night time we were perfectly happy to have children running around at the disco/photobooth/sweet table etc. it created a happy medium where children didn't ruin the formal bits by screaming or being bored, but they could join in the party!

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    We have a no children rule, it's a very personal choice. Essentially, we feel that weddings must be so boring for them and they can be noisy and become over tired. Future MIL was not keen on her grandchildren not being there, but she just has to suck it up!!!! We have a blanket ban, people are supportive and value a chance to party sans kiddies. I think it only becomes an issue if you invite children a,b, c but not children x,y,z ...... At the end of the day, it's your wedding. Do what you want!!! 

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    We've gone for immediate family children only. I have 9 nieces and nephews, that's already more kids then I would like there! Our problem was that immediate family would have no one to have their kids because everyone would be at the wedding. Luckily none are babies and they are all well behaved (touch wood!)

    We put this in our invitations: 

    Little Ones: We all love them but we also know how lovely it is to have a night off once in a while. That's why we've decided to restrict the number of little people to family only. We hope you understand.

    At the end of the day it's your wedding so it's up to you who you want to invite. I'm sure your cousins will understand that image

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