we can't decide with favours between scratch cards or charity favours

amy hints or tips? 


  • Mrs CashMrs Cash Posts: 209

    We're doing scratch cards. I'd only get something for guests to keep that won't sit in a drawer collecting dust x

  • Yes I thought scratch cards would add s bit of jolly and talk to the table, but someone has put me off saying imagine someone wins Big & the highlight of your day is taken away from you

  • Mrs CashMrs Cash Posts: 209

    Just make sure they share it with you image I'm only getting the £1 ones, I dont think the win is too big

  • Yes I was only going to get £1 ones too


    id like to think if someone did win they would share it ????

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    If you don't want anyone to win in case it overshadows your day then don't give them out! You can't expect them to share it with you either as a favour is a gift.   If they do, great, but if not would it spoil your day?

    Given what you've said, I would go with the charity donations.


  • I got guys minature whiskey bottles as its a Scottish weddind and girls I bought lots of perfume samples online and the giels are getting 3sample in a little gif bag and kids I'm thinking wee activity kits and wee toys 

  • Nat 1479Nat 1479 Posts: 145

    I went to a wedding recently, I loved what they did in lieu of favours ..... A friend and grandfather had died in the run up to the wedding, they set up a small table with photos on and had donated money to two charities in their memory, the letters of thanks from the charities in question were on there too. 

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