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So I am at the entertainment planning stage and I'm trying to work out what would be better; a DJ or a band - does anyone have any advice?

Also if anyone one has any recommended bands or DJs in the London/Surrey area I would be keen to hear!



  • Dean1Dean1 Posts: 12

    If you're looking to (voluntarily) get as many people on the dance floor as possible then I'd say a DJ might be more effective as they have a wider range of music to cater with and can acquire tracks on the fly if needs be. 

    Downside is if guest aren't swayed to shake a leg they may just wanna chill and let the food digest so having a live band could provide a welcome stimulation and can still potentially pack out a dance floor and are way more interactive.

    Or try asking would the guests invited have more fun at a concert or a nightclub? The main thing is what do you envision when you see your dream day and what are the main purposes you have in mind for the sound entertainment.


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I would love to have a live band but we just cant afford it, my friend had one at her wedding and they were amazing but she paid around £1000 and it's not money we have. So we are just having a dj.

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    I think a live band is better at setting an atmosphere and getting people dancing. Also our band will DJ in between and after sets, so best of both!

  • You are in effect treating your guests for them being the most important people in your lives - otherwise I suppose you would not have invited them.  A good band is an absolute must.  We are too far away so I can be effectively none bias.  So it is worth your while looking at our website under pages of "wedding videos" and "Live videos" and this will certainly arm you as to what a top wedding band can deliver.  We are one of the top three in Leeds.   To a no nonsense guide of how to pick a wedding band, look on our events page at the bottom you will find a page to click on "essential guide etc..."  Hope this assists, Keith   

  • Hi Frederica

    I work very successfully in your area for weddings and parties.  My approach is to personalise each and every event to you, the client, and your chosen venue. 

    To see more of my work alongside great testimonials, images (no stock images etc only real ones), playlists etc go to my website -


    Many thanks


  • annavinhannavinh Posts: 18

    Try Milomax function band, they also play live in London as a smaller outfit so you may be able to go and see them? 

  • Kerry54Kerry54 Posts: 4

    Try who are based in Surrey.

  • Jules11Jules11 Posts: 26

    We have booked a band called The Spectrum who we booked after seeing them at a friends wedding. It was like being at a gig and nothing like I'd have expected from a wedding band.

    I can honestly say that with my wedding nearly here I have been contacting the band and the response is always fast and so helpful. Even had a 30 minute chat on Tuesday evening going over details like timings etc.

    I'm so excited!!!! 

    Speak to james at he's really lovely! image

    Jules x

  • You may just want to check that some or all of these  newby brides are just not band representatives in disguise - it happens a lot.  Not with us we have the rare thing of  "Yorkshire Honesty" and represent what we do as we are - advice is free. We are not chasing your custom, for a large band we are logistically too expensive for most London gigs, but we enshrine honest gigging and advice, that is why I input on here and the seo which helps our website so please do look at a professional live gigging band so you know the quality you need to get elsewhere.  Keith. 

  • Jules11Jules11 Posts: 26

    Keith from kabuki. I work for a large London based company and know how forums work as I'm sure other brides to be do.

    Please stop being so negative in your approach and make others stop posting their advice and support. 


  • Ben15Ben15 Posts: 32

    We had a DJ at our wedding - and I wish we'd gone for a band instead! I think the fact that it's live music makes it so much more exciting! 

    See the disaster I had with my DJ on my blog here: - that'll probably indicate why I'm more swayed towards a band!

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