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Hi Ladies.

I have been debating with the idea of getting a caricaturist for the gap between the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening reception (around 2.5-3 hours). 

I was wondering if if anyone else has booked one? Or has been to a wedding with one and what were your thoughts about it?

Thanks image x


  • Stalking this thread as wondering myself 

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    Yes we are wondering the same too! x 

  • I went to a wedding with one once and it was great fun seeing everyone's pictures. However there was a huge queue to take the seat which meant the dance floor was empty for a good part of the night and the majority of the bar blocked by the queue. Plus I queued for about an hour, got to the front only for him to say his time was up. I was so annoyed that i stood and argued with him that he should have stated to the people still queuing that there was no way he'd have time to fit them in. I argued for so long that he ended up drawing me and my partner, and five years later the picture is still on my parents' hallway wall!

    I think they're a fun addition to a wedding but just think of the logistics, particularly how you would handle the queuing. 

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    We had one at our wedding last year,  and it went down fantastic.  Such good fun.

    We booked ours for as the evening guests arrived so they would get to be part of the fun too if they wished. There was a little wait but nothing to major and didn't leave me with an empty dance floor. I would defo have her again image

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    Hi Girls, 
    Thank you for your replies.

    katykatykins - The guy who I am thinking of having is great so I am sure he would accommodate people who had been queuing for ages but I will keep it in mind when making my decision. 

    Vikki3 - Glad to hear they were popular and went down well. We are not having any additional evening guest so everyone would already be there. Also the time I am planning on having them, the dance floor wouldn't be set up yet I don't think.

    Thanks again for your replies image


  • hi there

    our experience was that lots of guests gather round and talk about the sketching and the results - it's a great little sideshow for the reception - photo booths have the same effect but usually not until later in the evening (once everyone has had a few drinks)

    good luck


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