Camera / Guest Book

I'm thinking of purchasing a Fuji Instax Mini to use as a Wedding Guest Book, i.e people take photos, put in book etc. 

How have people found this idea?  Any hints or tips for cheapest place for camera, guestbook, more film, batteries etc?


  • Annie12Annie12 Posts: 86

    I'm also contemplating concern is people taking multiples and using loads of expensive film and running out!

  • Yes I'm wondering the same actually will people get carried away & it run out quickly?!

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    I think you'd need to give the task of taking photos to one of your groomsmen/bridesmaids for this to work.

  • I may delegate it, but as the night goes on I'm sure it'll be a free for all!

  • SerenaaSerenaa Posts: 6

    That is actually a really lovely idea however I would also suggest that one person takes the photos to make sure noone does excessively use it.

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