Heel Savers?!


Just received the terms and conditions for our potential wedding venue and it states that if stiletto heels are worn by anyone they must be covered by heel savers to protect the floor... ???? Has anyone else ever had this and how did you explain to the guests that they have to buy heel savers or come in flats?! Any advice gratefully received!! Thanks ????


  • Hello, I've heard of this before, but I've never been to a wedding where it's the case. You could put a polite notice in your invites. Or bulk buy some heel savers for those that forget? It might be that your venue stipulates that, but never actually enforces it? I don't think any guest would be offended if you passed on this information. If anything it makes your venue sound very swish! You wouldn't think twice if you had to tell guest about parking restrictions! Think of it like that! 

    Good luck! X

  • WurlastonWurlaston Posts: 48

    By the sounds of it you have gone for a stately manner house or another kind of listed building?

    You can either buy a certain quantity of heel savers to give to the ushers for them to hand out to women in heels or you can put it as a note in your invites in the place where you out the venue info/directions that heels must be worn with heels savers, so guests known and can plan their footwear accordingly. 

  • jemhigjemhig Posts: 30

    Thanks for the advice! It's quite a historical coach house which has been renovated so I think that's why. I'll put a note in the invites and buy some in case people forget! Xx

  • We have a similar thing in our venue (Victorian manor house with oak flooring) we pretty much copied the wording from the contract onto our invites, our venue actually says guests shouldn't wear heels less than 8mm so on the info bit of our invite we put, "To conserve the buildings original oak flooring the management have asked that guests refrain from wearing steel capped heels/high heel shoes with a heel base of less than 8mm. Any other type of high heel shoe is permitted"

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