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Is anyone else having their reception at their home/family home? I am having it at my family home and am thinking of hiring security to make sure nothing gets damaged (the house will be locked anyway but plenty of things in the grounds to get damaged!) or to stop anyone throwing up in the pool! yuk! And of course to stop any randoms from trying to crash the party! Any one else thinking of getting some bouncers to keep watch? x


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    Hi Josa! I'm having a back garden wedding too. Its at my Mam's house because their garden is much more flat in comparison to ours. But the house will be open for our guests, just barricading off the bedrooms and offices. Kitchen will be out of bounds except for caterers. I genuinely hadnt thought of getting security staff mainly because my h2b is a bouncer! We curtailed our guestlist to basically family only (with the exception of a few friends) to keep it small and intimate (no way on earth did we want his doormen mates drunk and bouncing off the walls if you'll excuse the pun!). But even if it was bigger i still probably wouldn't due to having built in security! 

    You can hire security staff fairly easily though local firms (just google wedding security staff hire) and they will patrol the premises and keep everyone safe, especially if you're concerned about crowd control! image x

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    Hi mrs2bwp! Thanks so much for your reply! Ahh its so lovely being able to have it at your parents house isn't it! Just feels more personal and sentimental and I love the idea that you have the freedom to make it however you want it to! Ah that's very useful- I wish I could say the same but were having about 130ish people if not more and a few of my fiancés can get a lil too 'laddy' when the drinks come out and although they mean no harm, I can just envisage accidents happening- especially as there are going to be 2 bars- one in the barn/marquee and the other by the pool which will be open! I think it would just put my mind at ease and i would be absolutely devastated if damage was caused especially as it's my parents house! What are you planning for yours in terms or decor/colour schemes etc? And what is your chosen month? image x

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    I know what you mean, its lovely being able to choose exactly what to have! I would definitely get some security staff, if only for your peace of mind, most reputable security companies will be able to lease staff for events. They (the individual) need an SIA badge in order to work security (this means they have adequate training, usually including some form of first aid qualification as well. I would see which firms are available to you locally (again, a quick google) and go from there. I would start with local companies first (they will usually work a few of the clubs in your town and have boys available for private events.) As if you start with a national search it can end up being pricey. It can be anything from £10-£30 a person per hour as the security companies lease out the door staff and take a cut but paying slightly more is often worthwhile as then you have a certain level of expectation, you don't want some beefy do of us turn up! And with you having a lot of guests I definitely think it would be a worthwhile investment, just to keep people safe more than anything! 

    I'm getting married in 6 weeks!!! Exciting but scary! I've still got so much to do! I'm having pale yellow with white and hopefully it will be pretty and classy! We kept the guest list small as to not have all the boys we knew turning up, they're mostly doormen and/or bodybuilders and can get quite rowdy to say the least so it was easier just to say "family only" so we didn't have to pick a and choose because as much as I like them, if they ruined my wedding, I'd end up killing them and my dress is too pretty to ruin haha! My immediate family has a lot of characters too so I would have spent my evening worrying if I added too many people! Not that they're a nightmare, just that drink tends to make people lose their inhibitions and it was too much of a gamble to trust his mates to stay sober and quiet, I didn't want my parents ending up with an ASBO especial as they live in a vicarage haha! Xx

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    Ah thank you so much! I wouldn't have known where to start with finding security but your advice sounds perfect! I will talk to my dad and see what he says. Omg urs is so close! you must be so excited! your colour scheme sounds lovely! And more original to the usual pastel pink or blue which so many people seem to go for! Haha well my h2b has got one particular friend who I've had to ban (he doesn't know this - it's just between me and my fiancé!) who not only seems to always be on some illegal substance but who gets insanely drunk at pretty much any where with alcohol present and turns into a destructive wreck! Luckily he's only any an acquaintance of the h2b so it won't be some big thing that he's not invited! Nightmare! Are you having a band/dj/both? X

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    Hi Josa, is your H2B planning to have ushers? Could this be a job that they could take on - just watching out for who is particularly drunk and keeping them from doing any damage?? I think the main thing you'd need to watch out for is someone getting completely drunk and crashing into something etc. and it may be easier if it's people that are friends looking out for others as they'll know who are the most likely 'candidates' to get wasted and cause trouble! I mean I'd really hope that no guests did act like that but I can completely understand your concern re: your parents house etc! x 

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