Where do you start with compiling playlist?!


we are having band in evening. But need to compile playlist for venue after church, befor meal, before band starts, after band at 12.00


  • MrsWPtobeMrsWPtobe Posts: 435

    Me and my sis keep watching half an hour of like the box or magic and whatnot and then write our inspiration down! We are just having an iPod disco at my reception so we've got a couple of playlists, old school classics (by this I !mean the boybands I used to love, Britney etc) the actual classics playlist (sweet home Alabama, white wedding etc) and modern stuff (Taylor swift, Nikki minajy stuff).

    For you I'd suggest not necessarily having stuff that people would want to get up and dance to, more like easy in the background music type stuff, maybe some Beyonce, stuff people will know but not in your face type stuff. Maybe some Michael buble easy listening style? You could even just get some classical music and pop it on fr background noise? Xx

  • Mrs CashMrs Cash Posts: 209

    We put a section on our invites for guests to request songs, have got such a variety and hopefully there will be something for everyone but that's for the evening so a bit different to what you want it for. Try you tube, I've used that for hymns and songs for the ceremony and pllaylists for birthdays and stuff x

  • lj3lj3 Posts: 79

    We have spent hours on spotify. You can create play lists and save songs to these as you see them. We have spotify premium so there are no adverts as we will use this during aperitivo and dinner. We have a play list ready to send to the band and dj as well.

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