Bride doing the groom's speech this weekend!

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Hi all, 5 days till my wedding and still not written my speech! I'm doing the 'groom's speech' because my H2B could never stand up in front of a room of people and speak regardless of whether they were strangers or loved ones and someone has to thank everyone who has helped us so I'm doing it (not exactly my dream either!!!)

I'm running with the following format;

Thank my dad for his speech

Thank the reader and musician taking part in our ceremony

Thank the usher and best man

Thank my amazing bridesmaid

Thank our parents

Thank our wonderful venue and amazing guests

Say how handsome my husband looks! lol

But I really want it over with as quickly as pos and don't want to end up waffling on, so wondering how much detail do I need to give? e.g. 'thank you to Sarah for doing a reading during our ceremony, we really appreciate it' or do I go into more details e.g. 'you were really enthusiastic whereas most people are too nervous to do it, you helped us pick our second reading, you did amazing etc.'

I've gone into the latter level of detail in the thank you cards (H2B handing out gifts and cards to everyone at least) but is it necessary in the speech? Or can I get away with keeping it short and sweet?

Help!!!! Don't know which way to go for best, thanks in advance! x


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    I'm doing our speech as well, i have written something (even though theres over 4 months to go lol) but mine is going to be less formal and will probably be a bit off the cuff on the day.

    I am planning to do it when we have champagne and canapes directly after the ceremony instead of at the meal

  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    I'd keep it short and sweet. Good luck! 

  • SamSheerSamSheer Posts: 64

    That's sounds like a really great plan BekhaG.

    Go with it.

  • MrsMnowMrsMnow Posts: 463

    Hi I did our thank you speech as my husband just wasn't happy about standing up in front of 120 people, I just thanked everyone who has helped with the wedding planning, I didn't actually name anyone by name.

    All our gifts for readers/wedding party were placed on their chairs prior to us sitting down to eat and just explained that I had flowers for the mum's, but as it was a hot day these were being kept cool in the back of house areas.

    Think mine lasted about 4 mins max!!

  • As of yesterday we have decided that I will be doing the speech too (H2B not a confident public speaker) so I think I'd better write something! I intend to keep it fairly short too. A lot of people have contributed to the wedding, so not sure if it will take too long to mention them all individually! We have 65 guests so plan to get round to talk to everyone and personally thank them on the day. image


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