Flowers - in such a pickle!

Hi ladies, I need to vent and get some help.. All my planning has gone really well so far but I've hit a wall on something I thought I didn't give two hoots about - the flowers!! 

I've had 2 quotes from florists.. one is more economic, sounds ok, I thought their centrepiece ideas sounded ok (the colours i wanted, tall vases / jam jars on alternate tables). The second florist is much more expensive but more modern, cooler, i get the feeling she 'gets' our theme more. She proposed some table centrepiece ideas designed to be more economic, but I'm not sure about them. They revolve around candelabra hire (to get some height without having to pay for a lot of flowers) but there's still a hire cost for those and it's not cheap.. 

I don't know what to do.. Has anyone got any tips of what I should be keeping in mind / good ways of keeping flowers effective but economic?? I'm in a bit of a stress as wedding is in 3 months and I need to sort it!! 

Venue is an English country estate, we'll be getting married outside, marquee is quite modern. 

Thoughts and moral support appreciated!! 


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    Hi Jessica, 


    I'm having candelabras for my centrepieces with lots of foliage and a few flowers to keep the price down and found that a few of florist (I ended up seeing 6!) included the hire of the candelabra. Maybe get a third opinion from another florist? Like you I wasn't that bothered about the flowers before I started looking!  

    Good luck xx


  • Goldfish bowls with floating flowers, terracotta pots with flower arrangement or even plants? Or could you buy your own jugs and get the florist to fill them

  • Oops sent it before I finished. How about the candelabras just full of gypsophila, no flowers? I'd say aswell if you're open with the varieties of flowers and just give the colour to the florist they can pick out flowers that are within budget at the market... Sometimes foliage is as expensive as the flowers image 


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    We are just having flowers for the bridal party from our florist, for the tables I have been collecting jam jars which I am going to decorate with lace and hessian etc then fill with gypsophilia and pink roses which I am buying myself from Morrisons to keep the cost down. As well as the jam jars I'm also having bird cages and candles as centrepieces.

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    We had tall candelabra, which I loved - but they really weren't cheap! To be fair, we did have lots of flowers in them, which bumped the cost up - more foliage would have been cheaper. But the price just for the candelabras alone was pretty scary! 

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