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Hi all - my h2b has decided we should have a band for our reception - but we went to a friends wedding recently and the band was a bit average - didn't engage with the crowd at all and played an iPod between sets (which I know is really common now) and the dance floor kind of emptied.  I'm keen to find a really good band that won't break the bank - does anyone have any suggestions?

also if there are any other GF brides out there i'd been interested to hear how you are finding dealing with the hotel?  Finding them very inflexible, unresponsive and forgetful...worrying me a lot!!!





  • Hello,

    I decided against a band as they charge a minimum of £750 from all my research. I booked a great singer from she really got the party started and offered so many great extras with her wedding package.


  • Kirsty-6Kirsty-6 Posts: 53


    We are getting married here on the 24th March ! When is your big day ? I have been dealing with Victoria and Rachel at GF and they have both been really good so far. We have not booked the entertainment for the evening yet still looking around. We have however booked Carousel String Quartet for the ceremony and the drinks reception after.

    I’m trying to find someone to supply the chair covers have you had any luck with finding someone ? We have a few quotes some charging £5 per chair which is too much if we are having 120 guests.

    Be great to hear from you and swap ideas !


  • Hi Ladies,  We have performed at the tithe barn at Great Fosters and Surrey is a regular visit for us even though we are a Leeds band.  In answer to staff.  On the day we found them very obliging and keen to make everything work for the bride as she wanted it.  I have 30 years in the industry and I am afraid to say that the number of good pro bands has diminished considerably, with cutting costs.  hence you finding the band at your friends "average".  You will also find that a lot of bands add backing tracks and some musicians strum along to these which queries if they can actually play ?  In your search for a band you need to look at individual websites - agencies will sell you anything !  A good website should have a mix of good promo and live you tube clips which give you an idea of how a band will perform on your night.  If you look at ours you will see that and it gives you an idea how a good pro band interacts with the audience.  Please don't think I am touting for trade, at my age in the industry I am trying to put couples right to pick the music for the best day in their lives.   Keith  

  • Hi Rachael,

    My band 'The Distance' are very competitively priced we have DJ package (with our live sets) that you can tailor to your specific tastes, making sure the dance floor will be packed all night! image

    check out our website for more info:


    Sophie & Mat

    The Distance.

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    Hi Kirsty

    We are 3 June 2016 (one year tomorrow - can't wait!!!).  I'm so excited but actually the venue is my biggest concern so far - keep toying with swapping to somewhere else - we've had quite a few little issues - nothing major but not the quality of service we would expect for the price we are paying - I'm trying so hard not to let it get to me!  

    We are hiring chairs instead with Bentley Brown in guildford - cheaper than covers and they always do a 10% off voucher if you see them at the G Live wedding fairs.

    lovely to hear from you - how is your evening entertainment research going? We are toying with The Redfords I think.

    Rach x

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    Hi Rachael,

    We saw our band at a friends wedding and booked them because they were fab!

    We get married this Friday and can't wait!!!!!! image

    Google The Spectrum...... I've been in contact with them a few times over the past few weeks and they're really good to deal with.

    Sooooo excited!!!!! 




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