I need to book a band for next year

Hi everyone

I am getting married in Harrogate next June and I am looking for a band to play at our reception. There are so many to choose from and we can't decide who to book!

I have seen this band http://www.groovemanuva.co.uk/ but there are so many out there.

Does anybody who was married recently have any other good suggestion?

Thank you


  • Hi,  Firstly on here, be careful of bands impersonating brides - sadly it does happen.  You have however, started off right with a looking at a larger band and indeed the right genre of music to cover all generations at a wedding.  Some clients forget that and whilst they may wish a rock band - it does not suit all guests !  Some smaller bands try to compete with the complete sound of a larger function band by adding computer backing tracks of instruments that do not exist in their band.  So that is something to watch out for.  Promo vids are studio enhanced  marketing tools, whilst they have to exist - you need to be savvy and look for live clips if possible, to see the audience reaction to what is done.  Our site will give you an overview of what to look for before you commence the big search - it is very comprehensive and I hope it assists   www.kabukimusic.co.uk 

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    I booked my band through www.warbleentertainment.co.uk for our wedding next year. I haven't seen them live so am taking a little bit of risk but I was recommended the website by a friend who booked hers on there. They have videos and songs on the website and there are lots of different types of bands to choose from.  

  • I fully understand why clients would book through an agency.  There are more and more about of them and we now have an computer, iphone, "instant click" philosophy.  Agency bands are incredibly well "marketed", so you must be aware of looking at promo videos of small bands sounding like large bands,   Nearly all add backing tracks to their promo vids -  an entire horn section of trumpet and saxophones on one I have seen ! Giving the false impression that that is their sound on only 3 or 4 musicians you see - which of course can never be the case.  So what you see is not often what you get.  You will pay a quarter more for a band you book through an agency. Always better to see actual live You tube footage or see the band live.  www.kabukimusic.co.uk 

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    I would say go to some local venues to where your wedding is taking place (pubs, clubs, special events that are on) and see if there are any bands you like who play locally and take your fancy. We didn't end up going for a band as it was an expense too far for us, but we did listen to a few local bands and there were some fab ones  I don't have any specifically to offer you (I am in West Yorks not North) but hope you find someone you like xx

  • Hi Alice


    Hope your search is going well.  Wanted to let you know about our band, we are a lively Irish Folk band - demo's here www.reverbnation.com/stompingboondocks and we come in all different shapes and sizes, and offer a ceilidh experience as well as just songs and tunes if you did want that too.

    No doubt you've been looking through a lot of bands, and as someone suggested hope no-one has tried to trick you!

    If you do like the sound of us, then please do get in touch =)


    All the best with the rest of the planning!!

  • Hi Alice,

    Please do take a look at our website www.theemeralds.co.uk. We have a wide repertoire and host of experience and more than happy to tailor to your requirements. We are 8 piece band, everything live!! 


    We can be booked through reputable agencies too if you prefer it.


    Best regards


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